How To Clear Instagram Cache On IPhone, Android 2022(Video): Easy Steps

How To Clear Instagram Cache On IPhone, Android: Quick and Easy Steps

How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone Easy steps to be followed by everyone. Follow these steps to learn How To Clear Instagram Cache On iPhone (All Versions). First of all, open the Settings application on your device and select Instagram. Then, select Storage & iCloud Usage and then finally Clear Storage or Clear Cached Data depending on your version of the app.

How To Clear Instagram Cache On iPhone

Clearing cache on your iPhone can free up some much-needed storage space. You probably know how to clear your browser’s cache, but did you know you can clear your cache in apps like Instagram too?

This feature is usually hidden in settings under a long list of options, but here’s how to find it.

Settings >then General > Storage & iCloud Usage >then Manage Storage

Scroll down and tap Cached Data, Delete or Cancel (If you want to save) Wait for confirmation that all data has been cleared and that should be it

What Is An Instagram Cache?

An Instagram cache is your copy of content that has been uploaded to your account.

If you’re using a web-based platform, such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social, to manage your social media accounts, you won’t see any updates in your feed until you refresh it manually. 

This isn’t as convenient as being able to check for new posts at any time on your phone, but it does save space if you don’t want Instagram eating up all of your free memory. 

Clearing an Instagram cache means having an actual copy of every single post in chronological order. The app will store these pictures on your device so you can access them whenever you need to. 

The only downside is that clearing your cache could use up some storage space, which might be worth it if you need more room for other things like music or photos. 


Why Do I Need To Clear My Cache?

This is a very common issue with a lot of users out there. You might be having issues with your camera or your phone will get slower and slower over time, but it’s important to clear your cache every once in a while. 

When you have thousands of images saved on your phone, it can slow down other apps as well as affect your device overall. 

This is a quick and easy fix that will help extend your battery life by quite a bit, so if you want to learn how to clear the Instagram cache on Android then keep reading! 

Clearing cache often doesn’t require any special knowledge, but it does take some time so plan accordingly before getting started. Make sure you follow these steps exactly to avoid messing anything up! 

These are not difficult steps to follow, just make sure you do them in order. The first thing we need to do is go into our settings menu. 

From here we need to select storage from our settings menu on our iPhone or iPad and scroll all the way down until we see Cached Data at which point we tap that option and select Clear Cached Data for each app individually until all of them are cleared. 

Now head back into your Instagram app and navigate through your photos one more time. Once you have gone through all of them, simply exit out of Instagram like normal when finished browsing. 

If you followed these steps correctly then everything should be working fine now with no problems whatsoever.

How To Clear Instagram cache on Samsung

Samsung devices run on an Android-based operating system, which means you can clear your cache in a manner similar to how you would on an Android device.


Unlike iOS, however, you don’t have to launch any apps to clear your cache on Samsung. Instead, you will need to follow the following simple steps. 

  • Open your phone’s settings app. You can find it in your all apps list or via your notification panel (if you have one).
  • Navigate to storage, then tap on it. 
  • Next, select Internal storage. 
  • Tap on Downloaded, then scroll down until you see a list of apps. 
  • Tap on Instagram. A page will pop up with details about all of your Instagram pictures and videos. Select everything you want to clear. 
  • Tap Storage usage at the bottom of the screen, then taps Clear. An option will appear that says something like Clear cache? Make sure it is checked; if it is not, then check it!

How To Clear Instagram cache on laptop

Before we move on to how to clear the cache on your phone, let’s first talk about clearing the cache on a computer. 

Now you might be thinking, ‘what in heaven is an Instagram cache?’ As mentioned before, an Instagram cache is temporary files that are used for smoother viewing. 

By clearing these files you will no longer be re-downloading content you have already seen, as well as increasing how quickly your browsing experience loads. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Visit your profile by clicking on your username (located at the top right of any screen). 
  • Click on settings from within your profile page. 
  • Select Account from within settings (it should be listed under Instagram account). 
  • Select Clear Storage from within the Account. Your Instagram cache has now been cleared! 

How To Clear Instagram cache on iPhone/iPad: 

For those of you who prefer a hands-on approach, here’s how to clear cache using an iPhone or iPad:

  • Go into Settings by tapping Settings in the bottom menu bar. 
  • Scroll down until you see Instagram and tap it once so that its blue icon turns white with a checkmark next to it. 

This means that settings are being saved and applied immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Clear Instagram Cache On IPhone, Android 2022

How Do I Update My Instagram App?

How To Clear Instagram Cache On IPhone

First off, if you haven’t yet updated your Instagram app, be sure to do so. The easiest way to do so is through an app update from your iPhone or iPad’s App Store. 

If you don’t see an option for updating within your current app version, be sure that you have enough space on your device (usually 2GB of free space is sufficient) and try again. 

If after a couple of attempts there are still no updates available to you in-app, go ahead and delete and re-install it using iTunes instead. 

This will ensure that all updates are downloaded correctly when next connecting to wifi. 

It should also be noted that while iOS users can usually just tap update and wait for their phone to download and install new versions automatically, Android users may need to manually go into their settings menu > apps > Instagram > storage > clear cache.

This should clear up any issues with caching or loading images but if not, try restarting your phone first before going into storage options. 

You may also want to check out our guide on how to fix other common Instagram problems!

There’s nothing wrong with my Instagram!: It’s important not to panic over these things too much though, Instagram has been known to cause some issues from time to time but they’re typically fairly minor ones that are quickly resolved by following these steps above. 

If you’ve tried all of them and your app is still acting up, head on over to Twitter or Facebook for a bit (or come back here!) and try again later. 

If you continue having problems, it might be worth trying another app for a bit like Snapchat or Flickr until it sorts itself out, but if so, don’t forget to come back here when you’re done!

Why Is The Repost Option Not Working?

This is one of many issues that users often run into when using any social media app. The best way to figure out what’s going on is to take a quick look at your settings. 

Most of these apps have separate tabs for managing your profile/feed as well as other aspects, such as caching or profiles you’ve already liked. 

If you have a lot of followers, it might be time to clean things up; make sure there aren’t any old profiles stuck in your repost tab that you don’t need anymore. 

You can also try clearing your cache (if applicable) and logging out of Instagram before logging back in again. 

While none of these fixes are guaranteed to work, they’re worth trying if you want to give yourself a fresh start with your feed. 

If all else fails, simply delete and reinstall Instagram from your device but be warned that doing so will reset your progress. 

It’s always a good idea to create backups of your data beforehand! Once you’ve successfully cleared your cache, use our guide to get started.

How Do I Enable Resharing Of My Stories?

In order to reshare a story, you must be following both accounts involved in posting it. 

If you would like to reshare your own stories, you can do so by turning on post notifications for your profile. 

However, if you want to share someone else’s photo from their profile or a public page, tap views original and then tap reshare to add it to your feed. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to request permission for someone else’s photo through Instagram’s app at this time. 

The only option is to message them directly and ask nicely!

Other Ways To Get More Out Of Instagram Stories: 

Add filters, stickers, text, and location tags; watch Stories with other people using Direct; capture video from your phone’s camera roll; use Boomerang as a moving gif (and send gifs); save your stories to your camera roll; have friends comment or tag each other within stories. 

You can also delete posts that aren’t performing well, just hold down on them until they wiggle, then select delete post. 

Keep in mind that removing a story will not affect its views after its first 24 hours on Instagram. 

It will remain visible during that period even if you remove it but once 24 hours pass since posting it will disappear forever!

How Do I Repost A Question On My Instagram Story?

Reposting your own story is easy. When you’re in your story, swipe up to get your camera ready for a new post. 

Tap Repost, and you’ll be able to choose from one of your past posts or from someone else’s. 

You can also repost from someone else’s story by tapping their name while they’re in your feed or their picture while they’re in your stories. 

This feature was rolled out to everyone over two years ago with iOS 10.0, so there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t do it if that version is available on your device. 

If you’re running an older version of iOS, then you might have some trouble getting it to work properly. In that case, you should probably update your operating system as soon as possible since doing so will allow many other features to work properly as well. 

If all else fails, then we recommend trying a third-party app like Instagrabber Pro instead. It doesn’t offer quite as many features as Instagram does (like filters), but it will at least let you repost anything that has been posted within 24 hours.

Apps Like Syncios

If you are using an iPhone, there are a couple of ways that you can clear up space. The first is to delete old messages from your WhatsApp account. 

You have probably received a lot of pictures from people and deleting these will free up some storage space. 

You can also move apps off of your phone and back on when you need them by simply downloading them again when needed.

The most efficient way to clear up space, however, is to download an app like Syncios on Android or iFunBox on iPhone. These tools allow you to move information off of your phone without erasing it entirely; apps like Google Photos do something similar with images as well. 

There are several other useful apps out there that let you clean your device up with ease. Just make sure you’re always backing up important files before moving anything around! 

Conclusion On How To Clear Instagram Cache On IPhone, Android

The best tip for cleaning out your cache on Android or iOS devices is to not overdo it. If you go overboard, you could end up losing data that you didn’t mean to lose and not being able to recover it if you don’t know what steps to take. 

We suggest only going through one step at a time (so if one step doesn’t work, then try another). You’ll be surprised at how much space clearing your cache actually frees up!

Important Tips To Remember While Using Syncios To Delete/Clear Instagram Cache

If you want to clear your cache for all accounts, follow these steps. If you just want to delete a specific account’s cache, skip ahead to Step 3. 

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Instagram, then tap on it. 

If you don’t see an Instagram app, your phone might not have it installed or configured correctly. 

Once selected, go back to one screen to get your list of Accounts (Settings > Accounts). 

Step 2: Tap on each account and select Storage (so we can see which account is taking up space), then tap on Storage again when you’re in Account Management mode. This will show you how much space that particular account is using. 

Step 3: Choose which account(s) you’d like to remove their cache from by selecting Delete Cache, then confirm by tapping Delete in the upper right corner of your screen. 

You’ll be warned that deleting an Instagram cache may cause performance issues with your device; however, if things are running smoothly after removing a single Instagram cache, there shouldn’t be any problems with removing them all at once. 

Once deleted, press Back twice until you’re out of settings and back on your home screen! Your Instagram caches should now be cleared out! 

However, if they haven’t been cleared yet, give it some time as sometimes it takes longer than usual to complete depending on how many caches were stored on your device. Now you know how to use Syncios to delete/clear the Instagram cache on iPhone/iPad/Android.

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How To Clear Instagram Cache On IPhone, Android 2022

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