How to fix ‘No Camera Found’ on Google Meet: The easy steps

No Camera Found on Google Meet

How to fix ‘No Camera Found’ on Google Meet

If you’re one of the many people who can’t seem to get video chat working on Google Meet, then I have good news for you, this problem has an easy fix! The first thing you need to do is change your camera settings on your computer and phone so that it detects the camera. 

After making this change, check if that fixes the problem. If it does, great! If not, then continue reading our article. No camera found on Google Meet with Chrome, Edge, or Firefox? There are several ways to fix this issue depending on your device and the browser you’re using.

Start by logging out of your account

In some cases, no camera found on a laptop or desktop isn’t your fault. When you’re logged into multiple devices, it’s possible that another device is trying to use your camera; however, most of these issues can be solved by logging out of one of your accounts and then logging back in. 

If you only have one Google account set up on a particular device, try signing out and re-enabling hardware access through Settings > Apps > All Apps

Then log back in with your account and launch Meet again. This process may take a few tries before it works, but if all else fails, at least you know there’s nothing wrong with your camera.

Log back in

This is probably a simple mistake, so try logging back in. If you’re using an Android device and not a Chromebook, Google Meet will automatically log you out after about 10 minutes of inactivity. 

For example, if you step away from your computer for more than 10 minutes during a meeting and don’t close your laptop, you won’t be able to access your camera when you return. 

In order to get back into that session, just click on Log in with Webcam Only again. If logging back in doesn’t solve it, then check out our solutions below.

If clicking Log in with Webcam Only doesn’t work (this is likely an intermittent bug), we recommend switching between your integrated webcam and an external USB webcam. 

On Windows or Linux

Right-click anywhere on your screen and click Settings > Displays > Configure Video Device… to see a list of available cameras. 

On MacOSX 

Open up System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement tab, select your camera under Show, make sure there’s a green dot next to Available Cameras, and then drag that little rectangle underneath where it says Internal or Built-in iSight/FaceTime HD (or whatever) until it says External Display. You should now be able to find yourself once more!

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Open app settings again

If you are still experiencing issues with No camera found, it is possible that your device’s camera has stopped working altogether. To access app settings on your mobile device, first, open the Google Meet app and swipe left. 

Then tap Settings, and then choose Device options. You will see a list of available devices including both front-facing and rear-facing cameras; click one of these options to disable it. 

Once you find a resolution to your camera problem, simply restart your mobile device and try setting up video calls again. You can do so by tapping on Start new video call at the bottom of any chat window. 

If there is no option for either front-facing or rear-facing cameras, you may need to contact the mobile service provider for proper guidance/assistance. 

However, if you have confirmed that your device’s camera is indeed disabled and you are unable to enable it using Device options in Google Meet app settings, you may also need to contact the mobile service provider for prompt guidance and assistance. 

Please include a screenshot of your device’s screen displaying No camera found error message when trying to start a video call. 

Screenshots can be taken using the Android OS built-in feature: press the power button + volume down key simultaneously (the photo will be saved in the Pictures/Screenshots folder). For iOS users, please refer to the Apple support pages for more information. 

In case screenshots were not taken before reaching out to them, feel free to provide them once they reply to your inquiry.

Choose required video quality

No Camera Found on Google Meet

No camera found on your device. This is one of those infuriating errors that pop up when you least expect it. 

Before you can enjoy video chatting with Google Hangouts and friends, you’ll need to make sure you have a compatible camera on your PC or Mac. 

Thankfully, updating your hardware is as easy as checking for updates in Windows Update or turning on automatic updates in Apple’s App Store. Just remember: For best results, choose high-definition video quality (720p). 

If you’re still having trouble, try restarting your computer before trying again. You may also want to check out our troubleshooting guide for more help.

#Update drivers automatically: To update drivers automatically, open Device Manager from Start > Run and then type devmgmt.msc into the box. The Device Manager will pop up, showing all connected devices currently running on your system, including integrated devices like cameras and microphones as well as removable peripherals like USB drives and printers. 

When a driver needs an update, you’ll see an exclamation point next to its name, just right-click it and select Update Driver Software… Next, click Search automatically for updated driver software in Windows 10. 

That’s it! Your PC will now check online for new updates to your device drivers. If no new updates are available, you’ll be prompted with Your device is up to date. If there are any available updates, just follow along with the prompts until installation is complete.

#Restart computer: Restarting your computer may seem obvious but sometimes things get stuck or freeze up and restarting can help clear out some of that clutter. 

Plus, it’s quick! So if nothing else has worked so far (and you’ve tried everything else) give restarting a shot before moving on to other solutions. 

To restart your PC, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete in Windows 10. In previous versions of Windows, click Start > Turn Off Computer > Restart > OK.

You’ll be prompted with a warning message asking if you’re sure, just click Yes to continue. When your PC restarts again, check for updates in Windows Update or turn on automatic updates in Apple’s App Store and then try connecting again using Google Hangouts or Skype or whatever video chat app you’re trying to use. If all goes well, video chatting should work like normal after that!

#Reinstall camera driver: If updating drivers doesn’t do anything for you either or if there are no drivers available online, you’ll need to uninstall them first before reinstalling them manually from an updated source.

Reset camera permissions

When you try to use a front-facing camera on Google Meet, you might see an error message that says No camera found. If so, your permissions might be messed up. 

Fixing them should resolve your issue: Uninstall and reinstall any related apps, including Hangouts or Duo. Open Settings>Apps>Google Hangouts and tap Clear data, then tap OK on all prompts. 

Open Settings>Apps>Hangouts and tap Force stop, then tap Clear cache. Restart your phone. Restart your computer if it’s running Chrome (and therefore Hangouts). Log out of Chrome on both devices then log back in again. 

On your PC, go to chrome://apps and check that Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer is set as the default app. On your Mac, go to System Preferences > Sharing > Screen Sharing > Options… Set Webcam as Default Source. 

Launch Google Meet again and test your camera. If it doesn’t work, you may need to contact customer service. We’re here to help! If you can get your video working, but not audio, open Settings>Audio & Video on your device and turn off Do Not Disturb. 

Then restart Google Meet and test again. If nothing else works, please reach out to us directly with as much information about what you’ve tried as possible: Your email address Sign-in ID associated with your account Device name (like Pixel XL) Device model number Country Code Phone number Audio issues while using Duo? Tested with other services? Where did you purchase your device?

Re-launch the app again and test it. If still not working, follow step 1 to reset camera permissions again.

If it refuses to work, restart the device and try it again. If it still doesn’t work, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Camera > Permissions, then tap Disabled. 

You can now turn off your camera again and close all apps running in the background by double-pressing the Home button and swiping up all apps. Re-launch the app after restarting your device. 

Once re-launched, you should see a prompt from the app asking you to enable camera permissions once more (Step 1). 

Follow these steps and try out video calling again! If still not working, follow step 2 to reset factory settings.: If that doesn’t work then, follow Step 2 below: Go to Settings > System > Reset options. 

Click on Reset phone or Reset tablet. Tap Erase everything. Wait for the process to complete and reboot your device. Once rebooted, open the Google Meet app and test it. If still not working, follow step 3 to uninstall updates of the app.: If it still doesn’t work, uninstall updates of the app by going to Settings > Apps & notifications > Show system apps. 

Scroll down until you find Google Meet or Meet. Tap on that entry. On the next screen scroll down until you find Uninstall updates. Tap on that option and confirm the uninstallation of updates for that particular version of the app via a pop-up message. 

Now go back to Play Store and reinstall the latest version of the app. Once installed, open the app and test it. If still not working, follow step 4 to factory reset your device.: If it still doesn’t work, do a factory reset of your device as per the following instructions: Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone or Reset tablet. 

Confirm by tapping Yes on the next screen. Wait for the process to complete and reboot your device. After rebooting your device, open Google Meet app and test it.

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