19 Best Jobs For Recent College Grads 2022

Best Jobs For Recent College Grads 2022: After years of hard work, you have finally graduated college. But now what? The job market is more competitive than ever and it can be tough to know where to start your search. 

In this article, we will go over 13 of the best jobs for recent college graduates, along with FAQs about each one. 

With this information in hand, you will be well on your way to finding the perfect post-grad position.

How Can I Get 6 Figures After College?

There are a few different paths you can take to earn a six-figure salary after college. The most common route is to find a job in a high-paying industry, such as investment banking, management consulting, or software engineering.

You can also try your hand at entrepreneurship. If you have a great business idea, you could potentially make a lot of money by starting your own company.

Another option is to go into sales. Sales jobs can be very lucrative, especially if you are good at what you do.

Whatever path you decide to take, remember that it will take hard work and dedication to achieve your goal. But if you are motivated and persistent, you can definitely make it happen.

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What Are The Highest-Paying Entry Level Jobs?

There are a few different jobs that tend to be the highest-paying entry-level jobs for recent college graduates. 

Investment banking and consulting are two of the most common high-paying jobs for recent grads. 

These jobs typically require a lot of long hours and hard work, but they can be very rewarding financially. 

Other high-paying jobs for recent grads include marketing, Software Engineering, Investment banking, UX Designer, Product Manager, Sales, etc. These jobs may not be as intense as investment banking or consulting, but they can still be very well-paying.

Another job that is often considered to be one of the best for recent college graduates is teaching. Teaching can be a very rewarding career, both financially and emotionally. 

It is also a great way to give back to the community and make a difference in the lives of others.

Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

There are a number of different job options that are ideal for recent college graduates. Some of the best jobs for recent college graduates include entry-level positions in various fields, such as marketing, sales, human resources, and customer service. 

Here Are The 19 Best Job For Recent College Grads In 2022

#1. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst’s job is to help businesses and organizations make sound investments. They do this by analyzing financial data and making recommendations.

A financial analyst typically needs a bachelor’s degree in business, economics, or a related field. Many employers also prefer candidates who have a master’s degree. 

Financial analysts must be able to understand and interpret financial data. They must also be able to communicate their findings clearly.

#2. Auditor

Auditors help to ensure that businesses are operating efficiently and effectively. They may work for the government, a public accounting firm, or for a private company. Auditors typically have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field.

Auditors must be able to pay close attention to detail and have strong analytical skills. They must also be able to communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally.

Auditing is a challenging and interesting field. It offers opportunities for growth and advancement. For these reasons, it is a great job for recent college graduates.

#3. Actuary

Actuaries are in high demand and the job market is expected to grow by 22% in the next decade. They use maths and statistics to assess risk and predict events such as natural disasters, stock market trends, and more. 

Actuaries typically need at least a bachelor’s degree in maths, statistics, or a related field. Recent college graduates with strong maths skills may be well-suited for a career as an actuary. 

#4. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members. 

Registered Nurses work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and home healthcare services. 

To become a Registered Nurse, you must have a minimum of an associate’s degree in nursing from an accredited nursing program. Some Registered Nurses may also choose to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing.

Registered Nurses must also be licensed by the state in which they practice. 

Licensure requirements vary by state but generally include passing an exam. They start out working in entry-level positions, such as staff nurses or charge nurses.

Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

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#5. Software Engineers

The demand for software engineers is high and the job outlook is very good. Software engineers typically work in teams to develop new software applications. 

They may also be responsible for maintaining and improving existing software.

To be a successful software engineer, recent college graduates should have strong problem-solving skills and be able to think abstractly. 

They should also be able to code in one or more programming languages. 

The median salary for software engineers is $103,560 per year. And the top 10% of earners make more than $166,960 per year. Software engineering is a well-paid profession 

#6. Accountant

Accountants are in high demand, especially in the current economic climate. Many businesses are looking for accountants to help them manage their finances and comply with regulations.

Accountants need to have excellent maths skills and be able to work with numbers. They should also be detail-oriented and able to maintain accurate records.

Many accountants have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. Some also have certification from the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. The median salary for an accountant is $63,000 per year.

#7. Recruiter

Recruiters are responsible for finding and hiring qualified candidates for open positions. They usually work for staffing agencies or in the human resources department of a company.

To become a recruiter, you typically need at least a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business, or a related field. 

However, some companies may prefer candidates with master’s degrees or experience in the field. The median annual salary for recruiters is $60,870 and the top 10% of earners make more than $100,000 per year.

Recruiters usually work full-time during regular business hours. However, they may occasionally need to work evenings and weekends to attend job fairs or meet with candidates.

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#8. Data Scientist

Salaries for data scientists can vary depending on experience and location, but they are generally quite high. 

In Addition, Glassdoor has named data scientist as the best job in America for three years in a row. 

So if you are looking for a well-paying job that offers plenty of room for growth, data science is definitely worth considering.

#9. Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists provide help and advice to computer users. They can work in a variety of settings such as businesses, schools, and hospitals.

Computer support specialists typically need at least an Associate’s degree in computer science or a related field. However, some employers may prefer candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree. 

Computer support specialists usually earn a salary of $40,000-$60,000 per year. However, salaries can vary depending on experience and location.

#10.Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for leading a team of workers to complete a project on time and within budget. 

They must be able to communicate effectively and have strong organizational skills. A bachelor’s degree is usually required for this position.

#11. Teacher

Teaching is a great option for recent college graduates who want to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Teaching offers the opportunity to work with students of all ages and backgrounds and to help them learn and grow. 

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, here are a few things you should know:

  • Firstly, you will need to get a teaching license. 
  • Secondly, you will need to complete a teacher preparation program. 
  • Thirdly, you will need to pass some exams, such as the Praxis exams. 
  • And finally, you will need to find a job at a school that is hiring teachers. 

Once you do all of these things, you will be on your way to becoming a teacher.

#12. Administrative Assistant

One of the best jobs for recent college graduates is an administrative assistant. This position will allow you to use your organizational and communication skills. 

You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the company you are working for and gain some valuable experience.

An administrative assistant typically provides support to a department or team. This can involve tasks such as scheduling appointments, preparing documents, and handling customer inquiries. 

An administrative assistant may also be responsible for ordering supplies and maintaining office equipment. To be successful in this role, you should have strong written and verbal communication skills. 

Additionally, you should be able to work independently and manage several assignments.

#13. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical sales representatives sell drugs and other medical products to hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare facilities. They typically have a bachelor’s degree in science or a related field.

Some pharmaceutical sales representatives work for the companies that make the drugs, while others work for companies that distribute them. And Most pharmaceutical sales representatives work full time. 

Some may work more than 40 hours per week, especially if they are new to the job or if their company is trying to increase its market share.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives generally earn a base salary plus commissions and bonuses. The average salary for a pharmaceutical sales representative is $63, 530 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS).

Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

Below are 6 other best jobs for recent college grads.

#14. Petroleum Engineering

#15. Electrical engineering

#16. Marketing management

#17. Civil engineering

18. Pharmacist

#19. Marketing management

Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

How Much Do College Graduates Make?

The average college graduate makes about $50,000 per year. However, this figure varies depending on the field of study. For example, graduates with degrees in engineering or computer science tend to make more than graduates with degrees in liberal arts. 

The starting salary also depends on the employer and the location. Additionally, college graduates make more money than people without a college degree. They also have better job prospects and are more likely to get promoted.

Is College Worth It or Not?

It depends on a variety of factors, including your chosen field of study, the college you attend, and your own personal goals and preferences.

For some people, college may be the best option for ensuring a good job and a comfortable lifestyle. For others, it may not be necessary or even desirable. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when making the decision of whether or not to go to college. 

  • Firstly, consider your chosen field of study

If you are interested in a field that requires a college degree, then attending college may be the best option. 

  • Secondly, think about the cost of attending college. 

If you can afford to pay for tuition and other associated costs without going into debt, then college may be a good option for you. 

  • Finally, consider your personal goals and preferences. 

If you want to attend college and are willing to put in the work required to succeed, then it may be the right choice for you.

Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

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Frequently Asked Questions On Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

What Does The Average 24-Year-Old Make?

The average 24-year-old makes about $45,000 per year. This varies depending on factors such as location, education, and experience.

In addition, jobs that require a college degree tend to pay more than jobs that don’t. However, there are many exceptions to this rule. 

For example, entry-level jobs in fields like engineering and computer science often pay very well even though they don’t require a college degree.

There are also many jobs that pay well but may not be the most exciting or interesting. For example, some people become accountants or financial analysts because they like the challenge of working with numbers and solving problems. 

Others become lawyers or doctors because they want to help people and make a difference in the world.

Is College Meant For Everyone?

No, college is not meant for everyone. There are a variety of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to attend college. These include your career goals, financial situation, and personal preferences.

Some people may choose not to attend college because they do not want to take on student loan debt. Others may feel that they can learn the skills they need for their desired career without attending college. 

What Is The Best Job To Get After College?

The best job for a recent college graduate depends on a variety of factors, including the graduate’s skillset, interests, and desired lifestyle.

Some of the most popular jobs for recent college graduates include roles in marketing, sales, customer service, and human resources. These jobs often offer a good starting salary and the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

Recent college graduates with strong writing skills may want to consider jobs in journalism or public relations. 

Those with an interest in science or research may want to pursue jobs in those fields. And those who want to work with children may want to consider teaching or working in child care.

Ultimately, the best job for a recent college graduate is the one that best fits the graduate’s individual needs and goals.

Is It Possible To Make 100k Out Of College?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to how much money you can make after college. Your chosen field, your geographical location, and the company you work for all play a role in how much you will earn.

That said, it is possible to make 100k out of college if you choose the right career path and work hard. 

If you want to make 100k out of college, it’s important to start planning and preparing early on. 

Start by researching different fields and companies that interest you. Once you have a few options in mind, start networking and applying for jobs. And also It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make 100k out of college.

Recommendations On Best Jobs For Recent College Grads:

What Degree Makes The Most Money in 2022?

There are many factors that can influence how much money you make after college, such as the type of degree you have, your chosen career path, and your work experience.

However, if you are wondering what degree makes the most money in 2022, Here are a few of the top contenders:

  • Engineering: 

Engineering degrees continue to be in high demand and the average salary for engineering jobs is $66,000 per year.

  • Business: 

A business degree can lead to a variety of different careers and the average salary for business jobs is $60,000 per year.

  • Computer Science: 

Computer science degrees are also in high demand and the average salary for computer science jobs is $58,000 per year.

Conclusion On Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

There are many great jobs for recent college graduates. The best job for you will depend on your skills, interests, and goals. Once you know what you want to do, start applying for jobs

Make sure your resume is up to date and tailored to the specific job you are applying for. 

And finally, practice your interviewing skills so you can make a great impression during your interview. I believe this would help you on your journey to get the best and highest paying job for college grads.

Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

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