How To Sell On Amazon From Nigeria 2023

How To Sell On Amazon From Nigeria: You must learn how to sell on Amazon from Nigeria if you are a business owner or manufacturer that wants to provide your Nigerian goods to potential customers or clients outside of the nation.

With millions of unique visitors from all over the world, Amazon is considered the best global online retailer. You have the chance to locate worldwide clients using this internet selling platform, which will increase your own sales. Several people keep inquiring how they can sell from Nigeria on an American-based online marketplace. You may learn everything you need to know about selling goods and items on Amazon from Nigeria from this article.

How To Sell On Amazon From Nigeria

If you didn’t reside in the USA, using the Amazon seller app used to be completely impossible. Yet this is no longer the same. Even if you don’t live or work in the USA, you can now quickly learn how to sell on Amazon.

Nigerians frequently initially perceive this as being impossible. This is so because Nigeria is not on Amazon’s list of nations whose citizens can register as sellers there. You may still handle this really tragic occurrence and get around the system, nevertheless.

Basic Guidelines On How To Sell On Amazon From Nigeria

For anyone living outside of the United States of America who wants to sell on Amazon, there are some broad guidelines. Every Nigerian who has a strong desire to join the largest global internet market and become a global seller will find it easy to adhere to these requirements.

Before you can join the numerous merchants on the largest e-commerce site in the world, there are a number of necessary measures you must take. These procedures are essential for ensuring that all platform sellers are qualified to offer there. Registration is the initial step, and you must make sure to give accurate information there. Continue reading below:

Steps needed to start selling on Amazon


#Opening a new account

Without an Amazon account, you cannot sell any of your products. That is wonderful news that you can open an account without having to go from Nigeria to the USA.

But, it is also regrettable that you cannot register in Nigeria from the convenience of your home or workplace because Nigeria is not permitted to participate as a vendor on the site. There are, however, approaches around this issue that will work for you as a Nigerian.

How to approach it is as follows:

The people of numerous African nations, including Niger, Namibia, and others, are qualified to sign up formally as Amazon sellers. So, you can utilize their location for registration if you have family or friends who live in any of these African nations.

If you are unable to locate a partner in Niger, Namibia, or another nation that is supported, you may be able to locate a U.S.-based partner who will provide you with their own physical address in the United States of America in exchange for a monthly rental charge.

Additional prerequisites consist of:

  • Internet access
  • Ready paperwork (the account must be verified)

Create an Amazon non-US seller account with the assistance of a business partner or friends/family: Upon registering and using the platform, your Nigerian IP address will be concealed using a VPN.

You will require the following in order to create an account:

  • Your actual home address (in the supported country only)
  • Actual name

International Mastercard/Visa banking card information and other bank information (Other bank details are needed so that you will be able to receive electronic payments and automatic wire transfers).

Many Nigerians use foreign partners and a Payoneer prepaid card to receive payment in US dollars when they want to sell straight on Amazon from their home country. They take out the cash and then exchange it for naira.

#Awaiting period for account approval

After successfully creating an Amazon seller account, you must wait patiently for Amazon to activate and authorize the account.

#Selecting a partner in shipping

If your account is successfully authorized after you register, you must study every guide that Amazon has compiled for its global network of sellers. Then, you can choose to:

Send your merchandise to your Amazon-supported seller partner who resides in an African nation: Due to the fact that overseas shipping is frequently more expensive and deters potential customers, this solution is not ideal.

Another drawback of this is that it may take a while for your products to be sent directly from African nations to your customers in other areas of the world, and occasionally the packages may get lost in transit.

Send your merchandise to Amazon’s fulfillment center through the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program: Due to the assurance that the goods are in fact kept at Amazon’s warehouse, this alternative option is safer and more alluring to potential buyers from the States.

#Make accurate product price calculations.

Once you’ve selected how you want to sell on Amazon, be sure to take the time to determine the prices for your products so that you can make a nice profit. The products can then be packed in your Amazon warehouse in Nigeria.

#Install the Amazon seller app on your phone.

To run your new online store, use the Amazon seller app. You have the option of running ads on

Amazon boasts of having millions more customers from around the world in addition to its more than 95 million monthly visitors from the USA alone. This is how you may use Amazon to sell things that are made in Nigeria.

Amazon is directly collaborating with numerous African nations to enable their citizens to become Amazon sellers, so perhaps it won’t be long before Nigeria is added to the list of these nations it supports.

Which nation has the most Amazon vendors?

Over 59% of the top Amazon sellers are from China, and if Hong Kong is included, that number rises to over 63%. Less than 35% of sellers were from the United States. Less than 2% of all sellers are from nations other than China and America.

Is it simple to sell on Amazon?

You will not have to deal with the procedures related to inventory, packing, or shipping orders as a seller. With this system, getting started will be a breeze for you. You may scale your business globally thanks to Amazon’s reliable FBA mechanism.

Are Nigerians accepted by Amazon?

The biggest online store, Amazon, is still expanding. It is understandable why so many people inquire, “How can I shop and pay on Amazon from Nigeria?” In fact, you can! They are also the biggest supplier of online shopping services in the entire world.

What would be the ideal item to sell on Amazon?

What products on Amazon sell the most? Video games, electronics, apparel, footwear, jewelry, books, home and kitchen, beauty and personal care items, and pet supplies are some of the Amazon categories with the highest sales.

Can you start selling on Amazon right away?

You must invest the necessary effort and time if you want to sell on Amazon. If you maintain consistency, you will be able to publish your first product within 3 months, just like 55% of other Amazon sellers have. 29% were launched in under six weeks!

Are you paid by Amazon to sell?

The quick response is that every two weeks, Amazon sellers are paid. The lengthy response involves more information and depends on a number of variables, as is the case with the majority of issues relating to being an Amazon seller. Managing cash flow is essential to your success because expanding an online store requires a lot of capital.

What does Amazon KDP Payout?

On paperbacks sold on Amazon marketplace where KDP allows paperback distribution, KDP offers a set 60% royalty rate. 60 percent of your list price is your royalty. We then deduct printing expenses, which are based on the number of pages, the type of ink used, and the Amazon marketplace where your paperback was ordered.

Does KDP have a price?

How Much Does It Cost to Use Amazon KDP to Publish a Print-on-Demand Book? The quick response is $0, zero. With one of the most affordable POD services available in the market, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform includes a print-on-demand (POD) function.

What is $50 in Naira worth on Amazon?

Yet typically, a $50 gift card costs between 200 and 600 NGN. Here are a few gift card examples and an estimate of how much $50 is in Nigerian Naira: USA Receipt for Amazon Pay: You will receive NGN 23,500 at the current Cardtonic rate of NGN470.

Can you support yourself with KDP?

Absolutely, self-publishers still earn thousands of dollars each month through Amazon KDP, which is still a fairly solid source of online revenue. Yet choosing a lucrative, low-competition niche is crucial if you want to succeed on the Kindle Store.

How much money can I make each month using Amazon KDP?

79% of the 86 KDP authors reported generating less than $100 per month from Amazon. On the other side, 15% of KDP authors make more than $500 per month, compared to 6% of authors who make over $100 per month.

Thanks for reading, I do hope to see you read our article again.

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