Best Catering Schools in Anambra State 2022

Best Catering Schools in Anambra State

Best Catering Schools in Anambra State: In Anambra State, there are many schools that offer catering courses. However, not all of these schools are created equal. This article will help you narrow down your choices by providing an overview of the 10 best catering schools in the state.

Why Study Catering In Anambra State?

Anambra State is located in the southeastern part of Nigeria and is known for its rich culture and history. 

The state is home to many traditional Nigerian foods, making it the perfect place to study catering. 

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to study catering in Anambra State, including:

  • To learn about traditional Nigerian cuisine.
  • To gain hands-on experience cooking Nigerian food.
  • To learn about the business side of catering, such as event planning and menu design.

Catering schools in Anambra State offer students the opportunity to learn all about Nigerian cuisine, from traditional dishes to modern twists on classic recipes. 

Students will also gain practical experience cooking Nigerian food, which will be invaluable when they enter the workforce. 

In addition to learning about the culinary arts, students at catering schools in Anambra State will also learn about the business side of catering, including event planning and menu design. 

This knowledge will help them succeed in any catering career they choose to pursue.

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List Of Best Catering Schools In Anambra State

Looking for the best catering schools in Anambra State? Look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of the top catering schools in the state, based on the quality of education, student satisfaction, and overall reputation.

1. Falex School Of Professional Education

From Falex School Of Professional Education

They offer 1year and 2year diploma courses in Catering, Fashion, Craft, Cosmetology, Makeup, Gele tying, Computer, Website Design, and Programming. We are purely based on practicals.



Fashion school

Catering training

Web design training

Craft training

Makeup training

Cosmetology training.

Address: 37c New Spare Parts Market Road (2nd floor), Former Union Bank Building, 434212, Nkpor

Phone Number: 0703 501 1054

2. El-Shaddai School of Vocational Studies

El-Shaddai School of Vocational Studies provides intermediate-level manpower aimed at the industrial and social growth of Nigeria. 

They are government accreditated, and offer diploma and certificate programs, in the 4 major disciplines: Fashion, Catering, Cosmetology and Hair Dressing, and Computer Studies. 

They assist students in building useful and satisfactory lives through two closely interrelated curricula: 

  1. The vocational curriculum is concerned with the acquisition of professional skills. 2. The moral curriculum aims at stimulating and developing, within students, positive attitudes that are relevant in our society.

Address:1 Ejezie Lane, Awada Layout, Onitsha

Phone number:0703 972 3746


3. G&C Catering Services And Events

G&C catering services and events without a doubt have been the best plug for catering services and event management. 

We are best known for giving our customers the best luxury services at an affordable price.

Their services include:

  • Indoor and outdoor catering services 
  • Cakes for all events, such as birthday parties, weddings, and traditional marriages.
  • Cakes for anniversaries and many more. Small chops, food trays for parties, intercontinental dishes, African dishes, and decorations.

They also deliver to your doorstep, offices, and many more.

G&C is well known for the best dripping touch makeup and gentle artist that gives customers that glam of luxury.

Address: Akpugoeze, hero junction, Akpugoeze street, Omagba Phase II

Phone number: 0704 246 8454

4. Chy designers Fashion and Catering school Nkpor

Address: 18 park lane Nkpor beside Fidelity bank new parts market Nkpor, Onitsha

Phone: 080 375 557 656

5. De Crown Caterers

Address: 15 Agba Street, Énú Ọnịcha 434106, Onitsha

Phone number: 0802 491 9507

6. Catering school, irete

GXFQ+M99, Umuelele Road, New Owerri 460102, Ndegwu

Phone number: 0812 748 3403

7. Tina criuz Cakes and Event

Address: Ngozika Housing Estate, 420211, Awka

Phone number: 0816 171 4946


Address: Chubu Aroh Street, 420116, Ifite-Awka

Phone number: 0810 546 1236

9. Chef Muoma kitchen

Chef Muoma kitchen is into event planning, errands service, house cleaning, home chef, nanny and as a chef she trains people too in a culinary course”Address: Plot 193 Uke St, Omagba Phase II 436235, Onitsha.

Phone Number: 0816 938 1819


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10. Sanped Royal Cakes ‘N’ Events

Address: No 14 Abatete Drive Federal Housing 3-3, 430213, Onitsha

Phone Number: 0703 629 7362

Best Catering Schools in Onitsha

Below is a list of the catering schools in Onitsha where you can start up your catering journey.

  1. El-Shaddai School of Vocational Studies
  2. De Crown Caterers
  3. Sanped Royal Cakes ‘N’ Events
  4. Chef Muoma kitchen
  5. Nyfers Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Catering Schools in Anambra State

What Type Of Career Can You Pursue With A Degree In Catering?

Catering is a versatile and exciting field, and there are many different types of careers that you can pursue with a degree in catering. 

Here are just a few of the many options available to you:

  1. Event planner: With your knowledge of the catering industry, you can help plan all aspects of events, from the menu to the décor.
  2. Catering manager: As a catering manager, you will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of catering operations, from food preparation to event coordination.
  3. Executive chef: An executive chef is responsible for creating menus and overseeing food preparation in a restaurant or other food service setting.
  4. Food writer: As a food writer, you can share your love of food with others by writing about recipes, restaurants, and other food-related topics.
  5. Food critic: If you have a sharp eye for detail and enjoy trying new things, then you might want to consider becoming a food critic. You can write reviews of restaurants and other food-related businesses.

What Makes A Good Caterer?

A good caterer is someone who is able to provide delicious food that is also visually appealing. 

They should also be able to work well under pressure and have excellent customer service skills. 

If you are interested in becoming a caterer, attending one of the best catering schools in Anambra State is a great place to start.

How To Become A Caterer In Anambra State

If you’re interested in becoming a caterer in Anambra State, there are a few things you should know. 

First and foremost, it’s important to have a passion for food and cooking. Secondly, you should be able to work well under pressure and have good people skills. 

And lastly, it’s helpful to have some formal training from a catering school.

If you have all of the above qualities, then you’re well on your way to becoming a great caterer. Anambra State is home to some of the best catering schools in the country. 

Recommendations On Best Catering Schools in Anambra State:

Conclusion On Best Catering Schools in Anambra State

For those looking to enter the catering industry, there are a few great schools in Anambra State to consider. 

With a little research and guidance, you can find the right school to help you get started in this exciting and rewarding field. Thanks for reading and we hope this article has been helpful.

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