Which Battery Saving App is the Best for Android?

Which Battery Saving App is the Best for Android?

Android phones are notorious for having poor battery life, especially after you’ve been using them for several years. This is especially true if you use your phone more frequently to stream videos, play games, or browse the web often throughout the day. With so many apps on the market promising to save your battery life, it can be hard to know which one really works and which ones are a waste of money. Here’s how to find the best battery saving app for Android, so that you can get that extra hour of use without charging your phone every night.

What Is an Android Battery Saving App and Why Do I Need One?

Android provides built-in tools that help conserve battery life on your device. 

But, what happens when you run into a situation where you’re just not getting enough juice out of your battery to make it through another day? 

In that case, it may be time to turn to an app specifically designed to manage power consumption on your phone. 

Luckily, there are quite a few options available on Google Play that can increase your overall battery life while giving you more control over how power is consumed by certain apps and hardware features. 

Here are some great ones worth checking out 

  • Greenify
  • Avast Battery Saver & Optimizer
  • DU Battery Saver – Power Saving
  • EasyAcc Optimizer Pro (power saving)
  • Smart Manager – Free RAM & Storage Cleaner & Booster

If you’re looking for one that has all of these features in one place, look no further than Greenify. It’s completely free and does a fantastic job at keeping your phone running smoothly without wasting precious battery life. 

It works by identifying which apps are draining your resources unnecessarily, then putting them into hibernation so they aren’t constantly running in the background or receiving updates. 

As soon as you open them again, they spring back to life as if nothing ever happened! 

There’s also a nice bonus feature called app scheduling which allows you to set different power saving modes based on specific situations or times of the day so that only important functions like text messaging or email will work during work hours while other things like games and social media will only function after hours.

What is the best battery saving app for Android?

With so many options, which battery saver app do you choose? We’ve rounded up 6 of our favorites below. 

Check them out and decide which one is best for your device. Then, if you find a better app, share it with us in the comment.

  1. Greenify (Free) – For most people, Greenify does all they need from a battery saving app. It lets you hibernate apps that are running in the background but aren’t actively being used at that moment. 

This can give your device some much-needed breathing room and make those times when you really need that extra juice last just a little bit longer.

  1. DU Battery Saver & Phone Charger (Free) – DU Battery saver is another good option for saving power on your smartphone or tablet without root access or needing to buy an external charger for extended use away from an outlet. 

It features a one-touch optimization button that can save you some battery life by killing apps and processes, but it also has a built-in task killer and even lets you schedule when it will shut down.

  1. Avast Battery Saver (Free) – Avast offers a free version of its popular antivirus software, but there’s also a battery saving app available if you want to save some money in exchange for giving up some functionality. 

It does pretty much everything Greenify does, including letting you hibernate apps that are running in the background but aren’t actively being used at that moment. The interface isn’t quite as nice, though.

  1. JuiceDefender ($2.99) – This isn’t a free app, but it might be worth paying for if you’re trying to squeeze every last bit of juice out of your device before having to plug it in again.

The interface is nice and simple with just three buttons across the bottom, one for turning off auto-sync, one for enabling airplane mode, and one for putting your phone into deep sleep mode so nothing is draining power while you’re not using it.

  1. Power Toggles ($1.59) – If you’re looking for something a little more customizable than JuiceDefender or Avast’s offerings above, check out Power Toggles instead! 

You can choose which functions you’d like to enable right from your notification shade and then toggle them on or off with a single tap.

  1. Easy Battery Saver (Free) – Easy Battery Saver also allows you to turn off unnecessary functions like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc., and this can help you extend your gadget’s battery life significantly over time. 

Like other apps in our list here, it doesn’t require root access either, just install it and start saving some juice!

  1. Extend Battery Life (Free) – Extend Battery Life is another great way to boost your battery performance without requiring root access. 

In addition to showing you which apps are consuming all of your power, it also gives you recommendations on how to improve things.

  1. MyBattery Saver Pro ($0.99) – MyBattery Saver Pro is similar to others in our list here because it allows you to kill tasks and hibernate unused apps that may be running in the background and eating up valuable resources unnecessarily. 

It also includes an easy-to-use widget that lets you quickly see which apps are currently active and what their current battery usage levels are. 

  1. Super Battery Saver (Free) – Super Battery Saver is yet another solid choice for anyone who wants to keep their device going longer between charges without rooting it first. 

The interface could use a bit of work, but otherwise, it works well enough to make it onto our list here today!

  1. ParetoLogic Extended Task Killer (Free) – ParetoLogic Extended Task Killer actually looks pretty cool, with a Material Design theme and support for Lollipop devices along with older versions of Android. And best of all, it doesn’t need root access to work!

The Benefits of Having An Android Battery Saver

Having a battery saver app installed on your device can save you a lot of grief in times of emergency. 

If you find yourself running low on juice, and it’s not possible to charge your phone, you’ll be glad that you have an app that optimizes power consumption or stops apps from draining your battery while they are running in the background. 

There are lots of different apps available in Google Play, so take some time to look through them and pick one which best suits your needs. 

You may also want to download a couple of different apps so that you can compare them at some point and choose one as your preferred battery saver app. Whatever you do, don’t forget to keep your charger close by! 

The Benefits of Not Having An Android Battery Saver: 

As with many things in life, there are always 2 sides to every coin. The same applies here, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with having a battery saver app installed on your device. 

One benefit is obvious, you won’t run out of power unexpectedly when you need your phone most. But what about when you actually need to use all those applications which will supposedly help save energy? 

What if you would like to listen to music while playing a game? What if watching videos or reading articles helps pass time while waiting for something (or someone)? 

This is where having an effective battery saver app becomes useful. By allowing you to set certain restrictions which prevent certain apps from running, these types of programs allow you to maximize your usage without worrying about killing your battery. 

So Which Battery Saver App is The Best For Android? With such a wide variety of options available, it might seem impossible to decide which app is best for your needs. 

However, we believe that there are some factors that should be considered before making any final decisions: 

1) How much control over my device does it give me? 

2) How easy is it to manage my usage after I install it? 

3) Does it drain my battery even when I’m not using my phone or tablet? 

4) Is it compatible with my version of Android? 

5) Do other users recommend it? 

6) Can I try it for free first? 

7) Will I get regular updates to ensure compatibility with new versions of Android? 

8) Are there any hidden costs involved which could end up costing me more than expected?

9) Is customer support readily available if I need assistance or encounter problems during installation or operation? 

10 ) Can I easily uninstall it if necessary, and remove all traces of its existence from my device once uninstalled? 

It’s important to note that these questions aren’t necessarily applicable to every single battery saving app currently available. 

Some apps offer more features than others, but each option has its own pros and cons. We hope that you’ll find our reviews helpful, and encourage you to leave a comment below if you think we’ve missed anything. 

Let us know which battery saver app is your favorite, and why. 

How To Choose The Right Battery Saving App

Best battery saving app for android

There are a number of battery saver apps out there and they claim to help you squeeze more life out of your handset. How do you know which one to choose? 

A great place to start is by researching customer reviews, reading customer testimonials, or checking forums where people discuss battery savers. 

If users seem pleased with how well a particular app performs and if it meets their expectations, then it’s probably a good option. 

Keep in mind that some apps will only run when your phone needs a boost (others will run all of the time), so take note of which kind each one offers. 

Also, keep in mind that some apps can be set up to run at certain times, for example, an app could be set up to kick on every night at 11 p.m., which would ensure your phone gets a charge before you go to bed. 

It’s also important to remember that not all battery saver apps work on every device, so make sure yours is compatible before downloading anything. 

Finally, don’t forget about free trials! Many battery saver apps offer free trials so you can test them out before deciding whether or not you want to purchase them outright. 

It’s usually pretty easy: Just download an app and follow its instructions for setting it up and starting a trial period. Once you’ve decided which app works best for you, consider leaving a review online. 

This helps other users decide which apps are worth trying out and which ones aren’t worth their time. And while we’re talking about online reviews, make sure to leave one yourself! 

You never know who might be looking for feedback on a particular app, so your honest opinion could make someone else’s day just as much as it made yours.

6 Different Types Of Apps Available, And What They Do

Well, you’ve got your pick of at least six different types of apps to choose from. There are battery saver apps that monitor usage and then close out apps or kill processes that may be using up your battery life. 

There are also clean-up software apps that promise a faster phone and a battery boost by clearing out cache files and other unused data. 

Some will even speed up your mobile browser by deleting cookies or cache info from sites you visit often. 

If you’re more technically inclined, you can always root around in your phone’s settings menu to try and make some tweaks on your own. 

But if you don’t feel comfortable doing any of those things, there are plenty of apps available that will do it all for you automatically. 

In fact, one app called Greenify will not only optimize your phone for maximum performance but it’ll even save battery life by hibernating apps when they aren’t being used. 

Another good option is JuiceDefender which promises up to 30% more standby time when it’s used alongside another app called Amplify which helps manage WiFi, Data, and GPS signals so they use less power. 

The bottom line: It doesn’t matter which method you use you just need to take action! The longer you wait, the worse your phone’s battery life will get. 

And remember: You should never let your cell phone run completely out of juice because it could cause permanent damage to your smartphone’s internal components.

So keep a charger handy (or invest in an external backup battery) and give yourself peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll never have to worry about finding a place to plug in again.

Just like with every type of technology, you want to do a little research before diving in and trying something new. Apps range from free to pricey, depending on which features appeal most to you. 

So browse through your options and find out which one has everything you’re looking for. On top of saving battery life, many apps offer additional tools like security and privacy protection that help add value beyond their primary function (one example is AntiVirus Free which goes well beyond basic virus protection). 

The bottom line: Finding exactly what you need isn’t hard once you know where to look. But whatever app(s) you settle on, keeping tabs on how much time your phone spends connected to various devices can help ensure it remains fully charged with ample power left over for emergency calls when needed.

Is battery saver good for Android?

In short, yes. Battery saver apps can help your phone run more efficiently and longer by draining less battery, which helps your phone retain its original capacity for longer than it normally would with regular use. 

The best part of all? Most are free to download and easy to use. But before you download a battery saver app, there are a few things you should know first: what type of phone do you have (that is, whether it’s an Android or iPhone), how does that specific app work, and what features does it have like an alarm to remind you when to plug in your device and most importantly, how well does it work compared to similar products out there? 

Is Ultra battery saver safe?

Ultra is a popular app that claims to increase your battery life by up to 50% and it’s already used by over 10 million people. 

But does it work? Or are its results too good to be true? At BGR, we’ve looked at a lot of different battery saver apps, but in our opinion, nothing beats Greenify. 

Greenify lets you hibernate any app you want when your phone isn’t in use, which means they won’t constantly drain your battery or run in the background when you don’t need them to. 

If you have an older device or find yourself running out of juice by 3:00 PM every day, give Ultra a try. Otherwise, go with Greenify. It’s a free tool and it works like a magic.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Right Batter Saver App For You

There are many battery saver apps out there that promise to boost your phone’s battery life. 

Some work, while others don’t. The great thing about these apps is that they can be really simple to use and require very little effort on your part. 

How much time do you have left before your phone dies? That’s how long it will take to get through my ultimate guide of picking a reliable batter saver app that does what it says it will do. Let’s get started! 

Android phones have come a long way in terms of technology and design, but one thing that hasn’t changed is their batteries. Smartphones tend to drain faster than we’d like them to, which leads us to look for ways to extend our phone battery life. 

A lot of people say turning off GPS or location services will save your battery life, but in reality, it doesn’t make much difference at all. 

So if you’re tired of worrying about where your next charge is coming from or being stuck with an unreliable charger cable when you need one most, here are some better ways to extend your device’s power without having to plug it into an outlet every few hours:

What Is Your Favorite Battery Saver App For Android? Why? We’re not going to tell you which app is best, because we don’t know. We’ve tested many of them and haven’t found one that stands out above all others. 

The apps listed below are just a few of our favorites, but there are many more out there that could work for you too. 

The first thing you need to do when looking for a battery saver app makes sure it’s compatible with your device and OS version. 

There are many apps available on Google Play that claim to save battery life, but they might not be compatible with your phone or tablet. 

Next, look at how long each app has been around and what kind of reviews it has received from other users. 

You can also search online forums like Reddit for discussions about which battery saver app works best. Once you have a list of potential candidates, try downloading them and testing them out yourself. 

Pay attention to how easy they are to use and whether or not they drain your battery faster than normal (some will). If an app drains your battery quickly, then it’s probably doing something else in the background that’s draining it even faster. 

These days most apps will offer some sort of trial period so you can test them out before committing to buying an Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Battery Saver App For You: There are many battery saver apps out there that promise to boost your phone’s battery life. Some work, while others don’t.

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