Low Tuition Universities in Slovenia, Admission Requirements and Essential Information for International Students

If you are also planning to study in Slovenia, here is a complete guide for you. We havehighlight the higher education system in Slovenia, admission requirements, tuition fees, costs of living and list of low tuition universities in Slovenia

About Slovenia

Slovenia is situated in Central Europe and shares borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, only a couple hours from Venice or Vienna. The national currency of Slovenia is Euro (EUR). Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. Slovenia’s population  is estimated to be 2.07 Million

The climate is continental with cold winters and warm summers, but in the coastal areas, there is a pleasant sub-mediterean climate. The average temperatures are -2° in January and 21° in July. There is plenty of snow in winter. In Slovenia, the sun shines approximately 2,000 hours per year

Higher Education System in Slovenia

Slovenian higher education is divided into two types:

  1. Short cycle. This is professional higher education that lasts 2 years. It can be obtained from specific colleges.
  2. Full cycle. It consists of 3 levels: bachelor’s degree (three or four years), master’s degree (one or two years) and doctoral studies (two to four years).

Admission Requirement

  • A filled-in application form.
  • All the Educational certificates such as Secondary school leaving certificate, bachelor’s degree (for post-graduation studies), master’s degree (for Ph.D. studies), and copies of other certificates.
  • A certificate presenting your language proficiency skills( Slovenian language and/or English language)
  • An attested copy of your passport.
  • Motivation letter(statement of purpose)
  • Letter of Recommendation: At least 2 recommendation letters from your home educational institution or recent employer.
  • Professional experience certificate, if any
  • Research proposal synopsis: For doctoral studies
  • Portfolio of work (for artistic studies)

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Slovenia differ depending on the choice of institution and study course. Higher Education for undergraduate degrees is free for all Slovenian and EU students studying full-time. 80% of students pay no fees. Tuition fee for students coming from EU member states is financed by the Ministry of Higher Education. Students just have to pay an admission fee for the first year and the subsequent years. There is a 30 € annual registration fee for all programmes.
International students from non-EU countries are required to pay the tuition fee for full-time studies in Slovenia, the costs can vary between 1.500 € and 10.000 € a year, depending on the programme and the institution. bachelor degree: For social science programme: The tuition fee is about $1,500 for one year
For technical study, arts programme and natural science, the tuition fee is about $2,000 for one year master degree: For social science programme, the tuition fee to be paid is about $2,250 for one year
For arts studies, technical programmes and natural science, the tuition fee is about $3,000 for one year.
There are no distinctions made between Slovene, EU and non-EU students in the fee levels charged. Foreign students looking to study in Slovene must take a three-month language course in Slovene, which costs 1.320 €.

Costs of Living

The cost of living for international students in Slovenia is comparatively cheap. Rent, Food, travel expenses,  are affordable for students studying in Slovenia. Here’s a breakdown of common living expenses in Slovenia:

  • accommodation (student dormitories): 100–250 EUR/month
  • accommodation (renting a private flat): 90–350 EUR/month
  • food and groceries: 150–250 EUR/month
  • monthly transport pass: 10–27 EUR with student discount
  • three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant: 35 EUR
  • 1 loaf of bread: 1.15 EUR
  • 1 litre of milk: 0.90 EUR
  • 1 kg of apples: 1.30 EUR
  • 1 kg of bananas: 1.20 EUR

Low Tuition Universities In Slovenia

  • University of Ljubljana.
  • University of Maribor.
  • University of Nova Gorica (UNG)
  • University of Primorska
  • Euro-Mediterranean University of Slovenia (EMUNI University)
  • Alma Mater Europaea – European Center Maribor
  • GEA College
  • University of Novo Mesto (UNM)

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