20 Highest Paying Construction Jobs 2023

Highest Paying Construction Jobs: From the lowest-earning to the highest paying occupations are available in the construction industry. See what you could make in 2023 by looking at this list of the 20 most lucrative construction-related occupations!

There are a lot of lucrative construction jobs available. Here are the best-paying construction jobs if you’re thinking about a career in the industry. Please see the list of the most critical positions in construction, together with their wages, below.

Highest Paying Construction Jobs

There are a lot of lucrative construction jobs available. Make sure to look into all your alternatives if a job in construction is something you’re considering. The finest construction jobs for the future include some of these. The highest paying construction jobs for 2022 are shown below.

We have referred to the latest salary data from the indeed.com salaries

Construction Manager

Despite the high pay for construction managers, there is still a great demand for the position. The average annual compensation for a construction manager is $83,000, according to LinkedIn Salary. The top earners, though, might bring in more than $135,000 annually.

Construction Project Manager

The successful completion of a construction project is the responsibility of the construction project managers. They may be responsible for supervising a group of workers, ensuring that the project is completed on time and within budget, and ensuring that all safety precautions are performed. One of the greatest construction jobs with salaries over $100,000 is this one.

The compensation range for a construction project manager is from $46,000 to $1,20,000, with a basic income of $77,000 annually.

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For architects, there are many well-paying construction jobs available. Construction firms and governmental organizations are just two of the places where architects can find employment. Architects with a focus on design or building can make a decent living.

The Architect’s Basic Pay is $84,000 per year, with a Salary Range of $52,000 to $1,52,000

Civil Engineer

A civil engineer is a highly qualified individual who develops, organizes, and manages building projects. The highest-paid construction specialists in the sector are civil engineers, with annual salaries that can vary from $68,000 to $110,000. One of the best construction jobs for those starting out in their careers is this one.

Building Engineer

Several employment is available as the construction sector continues to expand. Building engineers’ salaries are among the highest in the construction industry.

Building engineers make an average base pay of $64,500 per year, with a salary range of $45,000 to $90,00.

Electrical Engineer

Building electrical systems are designed, installed, and maintained by electrical engineers. They focus on initiatives like building factories, office skyscrapers, schools, and hospitals.

An electrical engineer’s base compensation ranges from $61,000 to $1,09,000 per year, with an average base salary of $97,000.

Construction Estimator

One of the most profitable industries in the US is building. Construction estimators have numerous chances to advance because there are so many new homes and companies being built.

Construction estimators typically earn $65,000 per year in base pay, with a salary range of $41,600 to $95,000.

Civil Engineering Technician

A civil engineering technician can operate in a range of settings, including labs and building sites. Although many firms would also accept a college degree, the average requirement for this profession is an associate’s degree in civil engineering. Also advantageous is previous computer and precision tool usage.

Civil engineering technicians make an average base pay of $54,578 per year.

Top 20 Highest Paying Construction Jobs 2022

Land Surveyor

Construction projects must be carried out accurately and safely, and land surveyors are accountable for this. They must have the ability to recognize any potential risks on the property and make sure that they are adequately addressed. Those who are interested in working in this frequently highly specialized sector should hold a degree in engineering or surveying.

A land surveyor makes an average base income of $61,958 annually.

Construction Supervisor

The effectiveness and safety of a construction site are the responsibility of the construction supervisor. Often, a college degree in engineering or construction management is needed for this role. You must have project management skills and construction site management expertise to be eligible for this role.

The annual pay of $62,466 is typical for construction supervisors.

Construction and Building Inspector

The safety of workers and the building site is greatly enhanced by construction inspectors. To ensure that the construction is being completed in accordance with approved plans and specifications, they are in charge of conducting site inspections.

Additionally, they make sure that no dangerous items are present on the building site and that all personnel adheres to safe work procedures. Building inspectors make more money than most other workers in the sector.

Construction and building inspectors make an average base income of $43,458 per year.

 Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters

The highest-paying positions in the construction sector include plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters.

Plumbers are in high demand as the construction industry expands.

  • An average plumber makes $33,920 annually.
  • The typical compensation for pipefitters is $50,620.
  • The typical wage for steamfitters is $57,000.


Masonry plays a significant role in the construction sector. He contributes to the construction of new houses, workplaces, and other constructions. Mason makes sure that the construction process runs properly by using his expertise. He takes pride in his job and is always up for a challenge. Mason is a valuable team player who is constantly eager to assist. Masons can make a decent living and are in high demand.

An average mason makes $61,000 annually. The top-earning masons took home more than $87,000.

Heavy Equipment operator

Heavy machinery and equipment must be operated by heavy equipment operators. They must be able to read and comprehend technical designs, use the machinery safely, and perform any necessary repairs.

Heavy machinery operators make an average of $73,280 annually.


Many kinds of electrical systems in buildings must be installed, repaired, and maintained by electricians. They are employed in both residential and commercial contexts. The wiring of rooftops, the installation of security systems, and the setup of telecommunications systems are additional frequent building tasks that call for an electrician.

Electricians make an average base salary of $57,311 per year.


A skilled tradesperson in charge of various construction-related tasks is a carpenter. They are frequently in charge of building flooring, walls, and cabinets as well as other furniture. Also, carpenters are well-versed in the use of carpentry and woodworking instruments.

Carpenters get an average base pay of $61,819 per year.

Construction Worker

Construction workers have a risky line of work. There are frequently hazardous materials and equipment present, and it can get quite hot and sweaty. To prevent injuries, workers must always be aware of their surroundings and take measures.

Construction workers make an annual base wage of $39,244 on average.

Sheet Metal Worker

You will be in charge of fabricating and installing metal girders, walls, and roofs as a sheet metal worker in the construction industry. To produce precise parts that adhere to the necessary requirements, you must have a solid grasp of geometry and physics.

The annual pay of $48,149 is typical for metal workers.

 Solar Panel Installer

A crucial component of every construction crew is a solar panel installer. This person will assist you with mounting solar panels at your residence or place of business. Additionally, they will ensure that all wiring is done correctly and that the panels are fitted correctly.

Annual compensation of $70,083 is typical for solar installers.


A person who is proficient in fixing windows is called a glazier. They could work in the building business or any other sector where windows play a significant role. Windows that are broken are frequently replaced by glaziers. Also, they could replace broken windows or fix damaged ones.

Glaziers need to have a solid understanding of how glass functions. They must be capable of operating heavy construction machinery and working fast and effectively.

A glazier typically earns $69,413 annually.


You should continue reading if a job in construction interests you. The top 21 paying construction positions for 2023 are listed below. Keep up with the most recent trends and shifts in the market in order to stay ahead of the curve. The director of a construction project and related occupations are among those in the industry with annual salaries over $200,000. You might also search for “high-paying construction jobs near me” on Google.

For regular updates on which construction jobs are paying the most right now, be sure to check out our blog.


What are the top 5 highest-paying jobs in construction?

1. Construction Managers
2. Project Manager
3. Architects
4. Civil Engineer
5. Construction Supervisors are the top 5 highest-paid jobs in the construction industry.

What is the best Construction Job?

The perfect construction job for you will rely on your interests and skill set as there are many different sorts. You might be interested in a career as a carpenter if you like using your hands and are skilled at solving problems.

You could be interested in becoming an architect if you enjoy design and working with blueprints. If you enjoy being in the great outdoors, a job as a landscaper might be for you. There are numerous options to work in construction, regardless of the type of position you are interested in.

Which is the easiest construction job?

Numerous construction jobs are seen as simple. Being a framer, electrician, plumber, or HVAC technician is one of these jobs. Because they don’t demand a lot of physical effort and can be picked up quickly, these professions are usually simple.

What is the toughest construction job?

Depending on one’s perspective and capabilities, many tasks in the construction sector can be regarded as physically taxing and difficult. Here are a few examples of jobs that are frequently seen as tough or physically demanding:

  • Ironworker
  • Roofer
  • Concrete worker
  • Bricklayer
  • Pipefitter
  • Crane operator
  • Heavy equipment operator
  • Demolition worker
  • Asbestos abatement worker

High levels of physical stamina and endurance are needed for these vocations, as well as the capacity to perform labor in difficult environments like cold or hot climates. They also demand a high level of dexterity and accuracy, as well as the capacity for a safe labor.
It is also necessary to remember that safety should be the top concern in all construction operations and that PPE gear and appropriate training are essential.

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