10 Best Fashion Schools in Canada – Recommended

Even in the midst of our regular activities, fashion is in the spotlight in this contemporary society. Everyone wants to leave their house looking presentable, stylish, and trendy. You can see that fashion is a business and that fashionistas are powerful individuals. Start your fashion career by studying at one of the top universities and best fashion design courses in Canada.

If you don’t have a strong interest in fashion, you could be wondering why you went to school to study it. Your enthusiasm motivates you to improve your knowledge and abilities in your area of interest. And you go to school because of your area of interest.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do with a degree in fashion. Your skills will be needed across a range of businesses, from being a fashion designer to a fashion blogger. The fact that you’ll make a good living doing something you can’t live without is even more exhilarating.

So, we’ll discuss the top fashion universities in Canada, their specialized degree programs, and their tuition costs in this piece. You might be wondering why study fashion in Canada before we get started.

Why Study Fashion in Canada?

The cities that are known for fashion are London, New York, and Paris. These are locations with a thriving fashion industry and a long history of fashion. Nonetheless, fashion is spreading over the globe and is being welcomed with open arms.

A region in the world grabbing fashion by the fistfuls is Canada. Although it is not a recent phenomenon, fashion has existed in the nation mostly for financial reasons. Mmode estimates that the fashion industry provides $8 billion to Quebec’s economy, and the province is home to 48% of Canada’s fashion manufacturing.

Also, a number of well-known fashion award winners are either from, now reside in, or have connections to Montreal, Canada. Among these prominent figures in fashion is Rad Hourani, who in 2013 debuted the first explicitly unisex collection in the annals of Paris Couture Week.

The finest part of the story is that Canadian universities and fashion schools are participating in the country’s fashion overhaul. Three Canadian fashion schools were included in the Top 50 Fashion Colleges in the World list published by Fashionista in 2013.

You can only imagine how far Canadian fashion has come in 2019. Students are practically going to Canada to enroll in one of the best colleges there to study fashion design. You can be confident that you are acting appropriately when you enroll in one of the institutions we list in the next section.

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List of the Best Fashion Schools in Canada

Now, if you’ve made up your mind to enroll in a fashion design program at a college or university in Canada, the following establishments are worth considering:

  • Ryerson University School of Fashion
  • George Brown college
  • Lasalle College
  • Academy of Design
  • Humber College
  • Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy
  • Fanshawe College
  • Olds College Fashion
  • École Holt Couture; School of Sewing and Design
  • Seneca College

Ryerson University School of Fashion

One of the top fashion schools in Canada is the school of fashion at Ryerson University. This institution, which is situated in Toronto, Ontario, provides two bachelor’s and one master’s degree programs in fashion.

A Bachelor of Design (BDes) degree is awarded by the fashion communication and fashion design bachelor’s programs. The only program of its sort in Canada is the Fashion (MA) Masters degree at Ryerson.

With the help of Ryerson’s fashion programs, you’ll be able to create sophisticated and avant-garde apparel and accessories from fabrics, colors, patterns, finishes, and silhouettes. Also, you’ll practice fashion administration and marketing while working with well-known designers to polish your skills.

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George Brown college

In Canada, George Brown College is the center for fashion education. Together with Ryerson University School of Fashion and Lasalle College, it is ranked among the top 50 fashion institutions worldwide. Three diploma programs, three postgraduate programs, and two certificate programs in fashion are all offered at George Brown College.

The programs are broken down as follows:

  • Diploma Programs: Fashion Business Industry (F112), Fashion Management (F102), and Fashion Techniques and Design (F113)
  • Postgraduate Programs: Apparel Technical Design (F414), International Fashion Management (F412), and Sustainable Fashion Production (F415)
  • Certificate programs (offered at our Fashion Exchange): Industrial Power Sewing, and Apparel Fit Technician – Fashion Fit.

The nice thing about this Canadian fashion design school is that it educates students in all facets of the industry, from administration to design. Moreover, George Brown is one of the affordable fashion schools in Canada.

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Lasalle College

Another Canadian powerhouse in fashion is Lasalle College. One of the top fashion schools in Canada, its International School of Fashion, Arts, and Design, Montreal provides a variety of diploma programs (DEC, AEC, and DEP).

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Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, and Fashion Design for Costume for Film and Television are among the five DEC Fashion programs offered by Lasalle. Moreover, nine AEC programs are available, such as Technical Garment Designer, Interior Design, and Fashion Styling. Moreover, it provides three DEP programs in computer graphics, aesthetics, and hairdressing.

Moreover, the Art Institute of Vancouver was purchased by Lasalle Education Network and changed its name to Lasalle College, Vancouver. Lasalle College therefore provides a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design, three fashion diploma programs, and three fashion online programs in order to further expand its design offerings. At Lasalle College, you never run out of options for clothing.

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Academy of Design

Since 1983, the International Academy of Design and Technology, often known as the Academy of Design, has provided top-notch programs in fashion design.

But in 2008, RCC Institute of Technology bought this Canadian fashion college, and the institution changed its name to Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology.

Students who enjoy perusing the interiors of hotels and restaurants can enroll in the Bachelor of Interior Design program offered by the Academy of Design at RCC.

The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) recognizes this four-year academic program as preparing students for a career in interior design.

The RCC Institute of Technology, however, merged with Yorkville University, its parent institution. As a result, Yorkville University now offers the interior design bachelor’s program offered by the Academy of Design.

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Humber College

A business college in Canada called Humber College has majors in fashion. Humber College is regarded as one of Canada’s top fashion schools due to the breadth and diversity of its fashion offerings.

A fashion management bachelor’s degree is available at Humber. This degree produces students who are skilled in the business side of the fashion industry by fusing traditional education with practical experience.

In addition, Humber provides a postgraduate fashion program in addition to three (3) fashion diploma degrees. Esthetician/Spa Management, Cosmetic Management, and Fashion Arts and Business diploma programs are the three available.

The Fashion Management and Promotions program is the postgraduate option, on the other hand. You will therefore be given the knowledge and abilities necessary to manage your own fashion company after graduating from Humber.

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Fanshawe College

Another well-known fashion design school in Canada is Fanshawe College. This Canadian fashion institute provides a range of higher education options, including fashion course options.

The fashion programs at Fanshawe are dedicated to creating fashion designers who are creative and forward-thinking and who can successfully manage and market their products to significant fashion customers.

Fanshaw College thus provides three programs in fashion: two diploma programs and a part-time (short term) program. the following diploma programs:

  • The 3-year Fashion Design Program for an Advanced Diploma, and
  • A 2- year Fashion Marketing and Management Diploma program.

Contrarily, the part-time curriculum, called Fashion Studies, concentrates on media, design, and computers.

The programs offered by this Canada-based fashion design school are wonderful because they are reasonably priced.

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Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy

If becoming a fashion designer is your dream, Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy is the best option in Canada.

One of the top fashion design programs in Canada, with certification under the Private Career Schools Act of 2005 for its full-time curriculum. Affordable full-time, part-time, and summer fashion designing programs are available at Richard Robinson Design Academy.

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The full-time fashion designing curriculum at this school in Canada is a two-year diploma program. To advance your professional standing, you can enroll in the Couturier program for an additional year.

You may learn any type of fashion design from these courses, both for men and women.

Additionally, professional sewing, pattern creation, fashion sketching, and lingerie are among the talents that Richard Robison teaches in his part-time seminars.

The Fashion Academy is one of the least expensive fashion designing schools in Canada thanks to these programs, which range in price from $325 to $1,100.

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Seneca College Fashion

One of Canada’s top institutions for art education is Seneca College. This college offers courses in practically every branch of the arts, and fashion is not excluded.

Hence, the Seneca School of Fashion & Esthetics provides a certificate, two advanced diploma degrees, and two diploma programs in fashion. All of these programs are provided by Seneca on its Newnham Campus.

As a result, the advanced diploma programs in fashion business management and fashion arts last three years. Fashion Studies is a two-year certificate program, while the Visual Merchandising Arts and the Fashion Business are two-year diploma programs.

As you can see, Seneca is one of the best fashion schools in Canada because it offers all the courses you’ll need to develop into a powerful fashionista.

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Olds College Fashion

One of Canada’s oldest colleges is Olds College. It began operating as a higher education institution in 1913 and provides courses in trade, business, tourism, and agriculture. This institution is a well-known fashion school in Canada because it also offers a fashion diploma degree.

The Apparel Technology Diploma is a fashion-related diploma offered by Old. Students who enroll in this two-year program can major in either fashion apparel or costume cutting and construction.

You will learn engineering and construction techniques in this curriculum, enabling you to transform ideas into luxurious clothing for the fashion or performing arts industries.

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École Holt Couture – School of Sewing and Design

Holt Couture School of Design and Sewing. is a top sewing school in Canada, as suggested by the name. The best haute couture sewing is taught at this elite comprehensive school. This fashion institute is dedicated about turning out skilled sewers of specialized luxury couture clothing.

Moreover, a full-time two-year Certificate and two-year Diploma degree are both offered by this Canadian fashion-specific school.

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What are the top 5 cheapest fashion schools in Canada?

The top five cheapest fashion schools in Canada are:
Sheridan College: $4,958 – $17,799 (full program)
Seneca College: $1,510.00 – $6,795.00 per semester
Fenshawe: $2,312.21 – $8,887.94 per term
Academy of Design: $385 per credit hour, and
Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy: $6,500 to $12,000 for full program.

How do I get a job designing clothes in Canada?

First and foremost, you need to be passionate about fashion design if you want to become a fashion designer in Canada. After graduating from high school, pursue a fashion design bachelor’s degree or diploma. Your best choice for a fashion design degree in Canada is the Ryerson University School of Fashion.

What qualifications are needed to attend fashion school in Canada?

Go at the entrance standards for the school’s fashion program before applying to any Canadian fashion school. Generally, you must have finished a high school diploma with a Grade 12 English Program in order to enroll in a fashion school in Canada.

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How does a clothes designer make money?

Depending on the company they work for and their position within the organization, fashion designers can make an average of $51,000 CDN per year.


You can’t possibly not have fun while attending one of these Canadian universities or schools with fashion programs. The nicest thing about it is that you’ll graduate from any of these universities with a good chance of finding work right away.

Nearly all of these institutions make the claim that their industry networking will help you launch your career. Go through our list of the top fashion design colleges to find the program that’s right for you. For additional information, view the whole video down below.

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