Best MBA Scholarships for Women

Best MBA Scholarships For Women 

Best MBA Scholarships For Women: Applying to MBA programs isn’t easy, no matter who you are. It’s a grueling process that requires hundreds of hours of hard work and dedication, regardless of whether you’re male or female but we have done justice to the topic, Best MBA Scholarships For Women. Find out which top business schools offer MBA scholarships exclusively for women below. 


An MBA is a master’s degree in business administration and is designed for students who want to gain more experience and expand their skills within a business-related field. 

Students can enroll in an online program, but typically attend classes on campus one or two days per week.

Funding your education can be tough, especially if you’re trying to juggle work, family life, and other responsibilities. 

In fact, many women find it difficult or impossible to pay tuition without a scholarship. That’s why we’ve put together our list of the best MBA scholarships for women.

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Can I study for an MBA with a scholarship?

Yes, you can study MBAs with a scholarship, but you need to find a college that offers scholarships for women seeking an MBA. Some top business schools offer grants and other opportunities, including full tuition reimbursement and mentorship. 

Which country is best for MBA scholarships for women?

There are a number of countries that offer scholarships to foreign students seeking a top business education. The most popular by far is Singapore.

Singapore is not only an excellent place for doing business and starting a career, but also offers generous grants and scholarships that can go toward funding your business degree. 

Additionally, you will be able to gain international experience while getting your education because there are many opportunities in Southeast Asia. 

South Korea and Canada also have good programs if you want to get out of America without breaking the bank, they both provide excellent education as well as plenty of help with paying tuition.

A final option worth considering is Germany. They have excellent schools like Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, also they offer 50% discounts on tuition fees to all students who enroll in a German university after obtaining their bachelor’s degree abroad. 

Best MBA Scholarships For Women

The Stewart Hamilton Scholarship available through Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), is designed exclusively for women. 

This scholarship is awarded to female students who are enrolled in undergraduate degree programs at SNHU. Applicants must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 throughout their college career, with preference given to first-time students. 

Also, Applicants must also submit a completed application form, an official transcript from their institution showing that they have been accepted as a full-time student, a letter of recommendation from an educational or community leader who has directly observed applicants’ leadership skills or potential and one additional personal statement not exceeding 500 words on how her success will positively impact her community in order to be considered. 

So in case you are seeking a scholarship or grant to help with your MBA studies, consider applying for scholarships from other sources in addition to your school. 

Many non-profit organizations offer grants that specifically target women. Some also may have restrictions based on GPA, work experience, etc. So before you choose one, be sure it is something you can realistically meet. 

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  • Chicago Booth 

Best MBA Scholarships for Women

The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business is one of the very few schools that guarantee full-ride scholarships for its undergraduate degree in business, all admitted students receive some sort of financial aid, including a full-tuition scholarship. 

Part-time students who enroll in any concentration at Booth can also expect free tuition through The Lloyd G. Russell Fellowship Program. 

However, you must be accepted into a specific program before being considered for aid through Lloyd G. Russell fellowships. 

If you are awarded a fellowship, your tuition will be waived as long as you maintain good academic standing.

For more Details and How to Apply: Visit the official site

  • The Nestlé Scholarship for Women

Starting your own business can be a rewarding career move, but it can also be expensive. The Nestlé Scholarship Foundation offers up to four annual scholarships of $5,000 each to female students with plans to start their own businesses.

The scholarships are awarded based on leadership potential and financial need, and you don’t have to work in food science or food-related fields. For example, applicants who wish to start a dog-walking business are eligible for consideration.

To apply, submit an essay detailing why you want to start your own business and how you plan to make it successful. You must also provide a letter of recommendation from someone who has known you for at least two years. 

Applications are due by March 1st, winners will be notified by May 1st. This scholarship is part of the National Merit’s Graduate Scholarship Program, which awards nearly 500 scholarships worth more than $1 million annually. 

In addition to merit-based awards, special opportunities are available for women including a special application window that allows female students who meet program eligibility requirements to receive an automatic finalist standing until April 15th.

All applicants must enroll full-time in an accredited graduate degree program during the full semester, immediately following high school graduation. 

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  • Women of the World Scholarship 

This scholarship is offered through the Women of the World Foundation and is open to women with at least a 3.0 GPA. 

To apply, you must write an essay explaining how you feel about female empowerment in your community. 

In addition, you’ll need two letters of recommendation, which are:

  • transcripts and
  •  financial documents

Its Awards are based on demonstrated leadership qualities, academic achievement and financial need. 

A maximum of 20 awards will be given out each year and the application deadline is December 15th.

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Considering one of Europe’s best business schools, INSEAD offers three MBA scholarships for women and they are:

  •  four-year full scholarships
  • two-year Sabbatical scholarships and 
  • three-year International Experience awards.

The four-year full scholarship covers tuition, application fees, books and medical insurance. Eligible candidates are female nationals from India “Asia Pacific”, Turkey “Middle East”, Sub-Saharan Africa, or Latin America/Caribbean. 

The two-year Sabbatical scholarship is available for both national and international students who want to take a break in their studies after completing the first degree in any discipline.

The final type of award is an International Experience fellowship that allows students to stay at INSEAD following graduation as faculty or staff members. Applicants must be female graduates of selected universities around the world. 

For more Details and How to Apply: Visit the official site

Best MBA Scholarships For Women

London Business School is a great option for women looking to pursue an MBA. In addition to its spot on the Financial Times 2015 global rankings, London Business School offers a 50% scholarship for female candidates from developing economies, where women are underrepresented in business programs. 

The school also provides on-campus childcare facilities and gender-sensitive restroom facilities for female students. 

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  • AHEAD Scholarship 

The AHEAD Scholarship is a $3,000 merit-based scholarship available exclusively to women. 

It requires an essay response regarding how your background has prepared you to attend an accredited business school. 

Many schools also require supplemental application materials. 

For example, The University of Pittsburgh’s Katz School of Business asks applicants to submit GMAT scores and a resume when applying for its AHEAD Scholarship. 

In addition to these general requirements, each program sets its own eligibility criteria, for example, some require a minimum GPA. 

In Ahead  Scholarship; Future Leaders in Financial Education is open to high school seniors and current college students with demonstrated financial needs who are interested in pursuing a career in finance. 

This $2,500 award comes with two possible renewal options, provided you maintain at least a 3.0 GPA while enrolled full-time at an accredited institution of higher education as well as financial need. 

Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of one of 50 states plus Washington D.C., Puerto Rico or one of four U.S.

For more Details and How to Apply: Visit the official site

  • Carlsson Family Scholarship

Best MBA Scholarships for Women

Best MBA Scholarships For Women: The Carlsson Family Scholarship offers up to $20,000 over two years of study. The scholarship is awarded to a female member of a minority group like:

  • African American
  • Asian American
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Native American or Native Hawaiian, who wishes to pursue an undergraduate degree at MIT.

This scholarship requires no separate application as you can simply apply for admission by January 15 of your senior year in high school. 

Note that students must enroll full-time in both semesters of their freshman year at MIT in order to receive funding from any MIT financial aid program, otherwise a student must reapply during her sophomore year if she still wishes to be considered.

It’s important to note that while you may be eligible for multiple scholarships, you can only accept one. 

Most require applications between February 1st and March 1st with awards being announced between April 1st and May 1st.

As a result, You will need to submit transcripts, SAT scores, a resume listing extracurricular activities and employment experience, two letters of recommendation as well as essays describing why you want to attend graduate school.

Are you considering pursuing an MBA? Whether it’s the full-time MBA or the part-time business administration program, an MBA can help you jumpstart your career in business and management. 

But if you’re planning to apply for an MBA scholarship, you might be surprised to learn that scholarships geared toward women specifically are few and far between. 

Luckily, there are still plenty of great opportunities out there for female business students seeking financial aid to help fund their MBA education. 

This article has so far outlined some of the best funding opportunities available to women pursuing an MBA degree today.

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  • Kearney Australia New Zealand Women’s Scholarship Program

This program is designed to promote and facilitate women’s career development within a global context. 

This prestigious scholarship, founded in 1994 by Bellwether International and run in partnership with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), aims to provide an opportunity for a woman professional from Australia or New Zealand to study full-time at UTS. 

Each year, two scholarships are awarded, one funded through Kearney Australia New Zealand and one funded through a sponsor partner. 

The scholarship includes tuition fees and accommodation at UTS’ Kensington campus in Sydney as well as travel costs associated with attending orientation week and commencement ceremonies.

Applicants must be enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts courses or the postgraduate coursework degrees including Master of Commerce, Master of Management Studies, Master of Finance, or Master of Financial Services. 

Then the Successful applicants will also need to meet certain requirements such as providing evidence of previous work experience in their chosen field like English language proficiency and achieving a minimum ATAR “Australian Tertiary Admission Rank” score of 85%. 

In addition, you should plan on completing any outstanding prerequisite subjects before beginning your coursework degree. You may also apply if you have been accepted into a degree but have not yet commenced studies.

Note that to apply you will need to submit an application form with supporting documentation plus pay the required fee, which ranges from AUD $75 to AUD$400 depending on whether you have completed any prerequisite subjects or not. 

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Best MbA Scholarships For Women

  • Forté Foundation scholarships

Forté scholarships are highly competitive. The foundation awards one $10,000 scholarship per academic year, in addition to several $5,000 and $2,500 scholarships. 

To be eligible, applicants must be women who plan on enrolling full-time in an undergraduate or graduate degree program within 18 months of applying. 

Secondly, the Forté scholarship requires a proven commitment to creating and supporting other female leaders in business, its recipients receive up to $20,000 over four years of study at a U.S.-based college or university. 

Unfortunately, there are no Forté scholarships at universities outside of America. 

For more Details and How to Apply: Visit the official site

  • Laidlaw Foundation scholarships 

The Laidlaw Foundation is offering women who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, majoring in a business-related field, financial assistance to complete their degree program. 

Scholarship recipients must maintain satisfactory academic standing and demonstrate financial need. 

Applicants may not reapply once awarded a scholarship by The Laidlaw Foundation. Its Scholarship awards are available to residents of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. 

Students attending colleges outside these provinces will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Also, Students who have previously received an award from The Laidlaw Foundation will not be eligible for future scholarships until two years have passed since their last award payment was made. 

The deadline for applications is May 20, 2016, with winners announced by June 15th. There is no restriction as to how many times students can apply. 

In order to be eligible for the Laidlaw Foundation’s Best MBA Scholarships for Women applicants must submit the following documentation:

  • A completed application form 
  • A 500 word essay outlining why they should receive the scholarship 
  • A copy of the student’s most recent report card showing all grades 
  • A copy of the student’s most recent income tax return, if available
  •  A one-page letter of reference from someone who knows the applicant well.

The Laidlaw Foundation also offers an Educational Bursary for female graduates and postgraduate female students in fields related to nursing, teaching, social work, or administration. 

Eligible candidates must provide evidence that they are Canadian citizens/permanent residents with permanent residency status under NAFTA.

 Candidates must provide copies of transcripts and proof of enrollment in a post-secondary institution related to their chosen field. 

Funds will be distributed in one installment annually for up to four years based on the recipient’s level of study. Qualified applicants must demonstrate financial need and successfully complete the five-year bachelor’s or master’s programs offered by a recognized college or university.

 The recipient’s family cannot earn more than $60,000 per year ($120,000 combined). To be eligible to apply, candidates must have demonstrated good academic performance throughout their previous education levels. 

The minimum cumulative grade point average required is 3.0/4.0 equivalent to using the letter system used by your home country if it is different from Canada’s system e.g 4 point scale.

Awards are given each semester based on documented needs assessed through interviews with each individual applicant at which time further criteria may also be applied if needed. 

Past recipients have included women working to break out of poverty, mothers returning to school, single parents supporting children, and teenagers looking to change careers. 

For more Details and How to Apply: Visit the official site

FAQ: Best MBA Scholarships For Women

Can I study MBA at Harvard for free?

Harvard University offers one of the most exclusive business school scholarships, So you can. According to Forbes, Harvard’s highly-prestigious scholarships are awarded to potential leaders in government and non-profit organizations based on an applicant’s background, extracurriculars, personal achievement, and potential impact on society. 

These awards cover full tuition costs, but students must maintain at least a 3.8 GPA and participate in community service activities throughout their time at Harvard. 

These Goldwater Scholarship winners get paid $30,000 per year and also receive access to leadership development programs as well as opportunities like visiting political offices around Boston during their internships. 

One major downside is that they’re only given two years to complete their degree instead of four years. 

To apply, you need at least one recommendation from a U.S Senator or Member of Congress and fill out an application by March 31st each year and the deadline to submit your essay is January 18th.

How can I study MBA for free?

At university, tuition fees are likely one of your biggest expenses. Fortunately, there are plenty of scholarships out there that can help offset some or all of those costs. 

Whether you’re looking for a scholarship to pay your tuition fees or one to cover study materials and books, we’ve got you covered. 

In addition, we have lists of high-value scholarships that may require a substantial amount of work but will reward you with thousands of dollars if you’re successful in winning them.


Best MBA Scholarships For Women

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