How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling? 2022(Video)

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling? How To Find Old Facebook Posts Without Scrolling.

How can I see my old posts on Facebook without scrolling? If you’re like most users, you probably keep an eye on your News Feed to keep up with everything happening in your friends’ lives.

However, this means that you probably don’t have time to browse through every single status update from five years ago.

Luckily, there are several ways to view your past Facebook posts without scrolling and they’re all pretty easy!


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How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

Okay, so you’re wondering how you can find your old posts on Facebook without scrolling. Well, it’s a pretty simple process.


Check out the video below or the images in this article for a proper guide on how to go about this.

How To Find Old Facebook Posts Without Scrolling 

You don’t need to do anything too technical, just a few simple steps. So here are all of our tips for how to find your old posts on Facebook without scrolling! 

1) Log in to your Facebook account

2) Click on the MENU ICON

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

3) Click on the SETTINGS ICON or look for a place to see SETTINGS ICON and click on it.

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

4) Scroll down to ACTIVATE LOG and click on it.

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

If you want to find your old posts on Facebook without scrolling, click on Activity Log from the Settings icon.

This will bring up a list of all of your activities over time; clicking through each month will take you back through each month and show you any activity that occurred during that time period. 

5) From the list that shows up, click on MANAGE YOUR POSTS which displays all your activities on Facebook over time(your posts inclusive).

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

6) Click on FILTERS

How To Find Old Posts On Facebook

7) Select how you want to filter the old post: by CATEGORY, DATE, AUDIENCE OR PEOPLE.

How To Find Old Posts On Facebook

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

8) If by date, then click on DATE and select the date that you want. 

How To Find Old Posts On Facebook

Find Your Old Posts On Facebook Using SEARCH: 

Another way to search for specific posts is using search. In order to do so, click on More at the top right-hand corner of your screen and select Search from there. 

Enter whatever information you know about your post into Search (i.e., name of a friend who tagged you). 

Use Advanced Search Options: 

Advanced search options give more control over what types of results appear in your search results. 

To use these, click on More at the top right-hand corner of your screen and select Advanced Search. 

Here you can specify how far back you want to go when searching for your post, as well as which friends should be included in your search results. 

Find Your Old Posts On Facebook by Downloading Your Data: 

The final way to find your old posts on Facebook without scrolling is to download them first. 

To do so, go to Settings > General Account Settings > Download a copy of my data > Start My Archive

This will create an archive file containing all content you have shared with Facebook including status updates, photos, videos, etc. 

Then, once you have downloaded your data, simply log out of Facebook and then log back in again. When you return to the Activity Log you will see a new section called Archived Items. 

Click on View Archived Items to see everything that has been archived and then scroll down until you find your post. That’s how easy it is to find your old posts on Facebook without scrolling!

Does Facebook Come With The Features To Find Old Posts?

Yes, you can use your activity log to view old posts on Facebook. This is a helpful tool for finding old friend requests and posting comments or photos that have disappeared from your profile page. 

The history tool allows you to find your own past posts, even those that have been removed from others’ profiles. When you go to your Activity Log, it will list all of your recent activities, whether they were posted by you or by someone else. 

You can search for something specific in order to see what was posted on any given day. If you are looking for something that happened more than a few days ago, it may be easier to just scroll through each day until you get there. 

However, if it was recently deleted by someone else (or taken down by Facebook itself), then searching may be necessary.

How To Find Old Posts On Facebook

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

How Do I Search For A Past Post? If you’re looking for a post on your Facebook profile that is dated prior to mid-2017, it’s likely you won’t be able to find it in your regular searches. 

However, there are some workarounds that will allow you to search for old posts. 

If you know when you posted something, but can’t remember what you wrote about, try using Facebook’s Keyword Posts tool. 

You can input a keyword and select how far back from today (in days) that keyword was used in a post. This way, you can see all of your past posts that contain that word or phrase. This feature isn’t available for everyone yet, so if it doesn’t appear in your settings, keep checking back until it does.

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

Why can’t I see all birthday posts on my Facebook timeline?

It’s easy to assume your birthday was only a couple of weeks ago, but when you check your Facebook page, maybe because you want to relive some of those special moments you had with friends and family. You may notice that some of those photos and posts are missing. 

This can be especially jarring if your birthday wasn’t just a few weeks ago; it might have been years ago! Don’t worry; there isn’t any foul play at hand. 


It turns out that not every post about your big day will appear on your timeline.  

Here’s why: When you log into Facebook, it displays a stream of updates from people in your network. These updates are categorized into three categories: recent posts (those that were posted within 24 hours), popular posts (those that have been liked or commented on by more than one person), and older posts (anything else). 

The older-post category is where all those birthday memories live and they stay there until they reach an age where they get bumped up to either recent or popular status. 

In other words, unless someone likes or comments on an old post, it will remain in your older-post category forever.

How do I scroll back quickly on Facebook?

Your news feed on Facebook is constantly being updated with new posts and photos. If you need to get back to a previous post, you can use one of two options: either find your way back by clicking through each page or type in specific keywords that will bring up results faster. 

You can do both at once if you’d like, but first, we’ll show you how to use your keyboard to scroll quickly and directly backward through time. 

This is especially helpful if you want to refer back to something someone else posted, like an image or link for example. 

Here’s how: Open your news feed, then press H on your keyboard. This will immediately send you one post earlier (i.e., one day ago). 

Repeat until you get all the way back. If you know what post you’re looking for, it’s even easier. Just type into the search bar whatever keywords are relevant, i.e., cake or gift. 

Then click enter to pull up those posts from before today. It’s that easy! # cakerecipe #giftsforkids #tbt

The best way to navigate back on Facebook without scrolling down: With hundreds of posts streaming past your eyes every minute, finding something specific can be tricky. 

But there’s a secret trick that lets you skip right past them all and go straight to what you were reading last week or even last year. 

Click anywhere on any post and start typing. When Facebook auto-completes your query, simply hit Enter again to load up another batch of similar posts below yours.

How Can I See My Old Post On Facebook Without Scrolling?

How to view past posts without scrolling back?

It can sometimes be hard to remember your older posts. To see what you have previously posted on Facebook, click or tap on your cover photo. 

You will be taken to a page that has all of your posts since you created your profile. Be careful not to post something twice accidentally! 

If you do accidentally post something twice, there is a way to remove it so you aren’t wasting valuable time scrolling back through time. 

Open up your profile and click or tap on ‘Activity Log’ and then click or tap on ‘Edit’. Here you can delete any of your past posts by clicking or tapping on them. 

Doing so will ask if you are sure and after selecting yes, they will be deleted forever! Do not worry about doing damage because once these are deleted, they cannot be recovered!

How to hide posts on facebook

 Did you share something on Facebook that you’d rather not have everyone see again? Don’t worry, there’s a way to hide older posts.

To hide an individual post from your profile or page: Click or tap on any of your older posts. You’ll see a pencil icon to edit/remove. Click it and select Remove Post.

How do I scroll to the bottom of my wall on facebook

If you’re using a desktop computer, you can use your mouse to scroll down. Simply move your cursor to the bottom of your screen and click. A link should appear, which will bring you to that section of your wall. If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, pinch in with two fingers to zoom out and see more content at once. Then scroll down with one finger to get to a specific post or page. To return from where you are back up top, simply pinch out with two fingers again.

Why does my Facebook news feed stop scrolling?

Many users of Facebook are always looking for ways to get a better experience from their favorite social network. 

While scrolling a news feed is easy, it could sometimes be problematic when you reach that point where your news feed starts from 2020 and goes back again up to 2021. 

And while most people will not feel any problem with seeing old posts, some will have concerns about privacy reasons in case they have sent any private information on their timeline. 

Don’t worry! There are ways you can find old Facebook posts without scrolling all the way up to 2022!

Why does my Facebook show only 3 posts?

Your friend will be able to find your old posts with a quick search. To do so, go to your About page and click on Posts. This will bring up a list of all your Facebook posts. 

If you want to see more than 3 posts, simply scroll down. However, doing so might not give you a chronological order for all of your older posts. 

Instead, it might just show you whatever ones are showing up in the News Feed (based on what your friends have shared). 

If that’s not working for you either, try searching for something specific, maybe an old picture or event post. 

Depending on how active you were around that time frame, it’s possible that a search may bring up your desired result! Still, having trouble finding them after trying those options?

Why can’t I see all my friends’ posts on Facebook?

There is no simple answer to why we can’t see all our friends posts on Facebook, but we can look at ways you might be able to get access to all your friend’s posts. 

You may be able to change your settings so that you see every single post from everyone who has interacted with your page. There are also a number of browser extensions you could use in order to find an old post. 

Here are some tips and tricks for finding an old post

The problem lies within your privacy settings. If you have hidden certain friends’ posts then you won’t be able to see those specific things they post because they have been set as private or unposted by them. 


It isn’t possible to follow another person or a Page and not have their content show up on your newsfeed ever again (unless you unfollow them). So how do I make sure I never miss any of my friend’s posts? You can change your settings so that you always see every single post from everyone who has interacted with your page. 

Here is how: 

  • Go to Settings in Facebook 
  • Click on News Feed 
  • Uncheck Only Show Friends’ Posts 
  • Click Save 
  • Done

Now all of your friends’ posts will appear in your feed, regardless if they are public or not. 

Can You Search Someone’s Facebook Posts By date?

Yes, although you’ll have to do a little digging.


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