Accounting Associate Degree Online

Accounting Associate Degree Online

A great way to earn a certificate or associate degree in accounting without moving from your home and your job is through an online program. Whether you already have some experience in accounting, or you’re just starting to learn about it, there are plenty of free resources available to help you learn as much as possible about accounting and the role that it plays in every business across the globe.

What Is an Accounting Associate Degree?

An associate degree in accounting is designed to provide students with an introduction to accounting principles, as well as a working knowledge of common business practices. Because these degrees are often offered at community colleges, they typically offer a number of general-education courses that complement those related to accounting. 


Some examples of courses you might take include personal financial planning, corporate ethics and workplace communications. An associate degree can help you get your foot in the door when it comes to pursuing a higher-level degree or credential (such as becoming a Certified Public Accountant), but it is not necessarily required for entry-level positions in public accounting, government or industry.

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Benefits of Accounting Associate Degree Online

After you earn an accounting associate degree online, it’s possible to further your education by enrolling in a Bachelor of Science program that allows you to focus on tax accounting. This is especially important if you want to make partner at your company one day. 

Earning an accounting bachelor’s degree typically requires four years of study and includes advanced courses in topics such as fraud prevention, auditing, cost accounting and more. However, an MBA with a concentration in management information systems can also qualify you for a high-paying job with many companies. 

As such, it might be worth considering if one or two specific areas of interest pique your curiosity enough to bolster your career opportunities. 

In fact, many employers prefer employees who have completed both degrees.

The benefits of earning an accounting associate degree online are numerous: You’ll gain practical experience while studying and thus earn money instead of incurring student debt; You’ll receive professional instruction from professors who are industry experts; and You can complete coursework on your own schedule either full time or part time to fit into your busy lifestyle.

 In addition, there are several types of schools available to students interested in pursuing their careers through an accounting associate degree online: community colleges, vocational schools and even large universities offer similar programs. Some institutions even allow students to transfer credits from other accredited schools so they don’t have to start over completely from scratch.

Accounting Associate Degree Online

Career Opportunities

Accounting associates will have a number of opportunities at their disposal. Some may choose to start off as staff accountants, while others may find that they have more of an entrepreneurial spirit and are suited to work with clients in a variety of industries. 

Salaries vary depending on location, education level and experience. In general, though, starting salaries average around $45,000 annually.

Accounting is one field where internships can be especially helpful for new graduates because it allows them to get their foot in the door and also gives them additional experience so they’re more competitive when applying for full-time positions later on.

How to Get an Accounting Associate Degree Online

Accounting is one of those fields that doesn’t always get a lot of love. It’s not as fun as being a chef, and it’s certainly less exciting than becoming an astronaut. It can be boring and tedious, but if you’re going to have a career in business and finance, it’s pretty much required that you know how to do accounting. 

A lot of companies use accounting software now, but there are still plenty that like their employees to know how to work it all manually. If you really want to stand out from your competition for entry-level jobs in accounting or accounting management, get an associate degree online in accounting today! 

This will also give you more time to specialize as you gain experience. For example, if you start with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, then go on to earn an MBA (Master of Business Administration), you’ll be able to work your way up through progressively higher positions at larger companies. 


But don’t worry: even with just an associate degree in accounting, you’ll find plenty of opportunities available especially if you take classes online!

Things to Consider Before Enrolling in an Online School

When you’re ready to earn your degree online, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, think about how long you want to study.

Are you looking for an associate program that lasts two years? Or do you have time to spare and plan on completing a four-year bachelor’s degree? Second, set your sights on choosing an accredited school that will uphold high academic standards. 

Third, consider what type of degree is right for you. Do you want to pursue a career as an accountant or auditor? You can search our database of schools by major or location if you’d like more information before enrolling.

Finally, don’t forget about financial aid options! In most cases, if you’re eligible for federal student aid like Pell Grants, you can apply it toward your tuition even if you’re taking classes online.

The Best Schools for an Accounting Associate Degree

If you’re looking for an associate degree in accounting and want to learn more about where to earn your degree, one option is a career college. These schools provide job-oriented training without forcing students to spend a large amount of time on general education courses that won’t be useful in their careers. 

Courses cover various aspects of accounting, including tax preparation, bookkeeping and auditing. Earning an associate degree can help you qualify for entry-level positions such as administrative or auditing assistant or junior accountant with a bachelor’s degree needed for more advanced jobs like staff accountant or controller.

How Much Does an Accounting Associate Degree Cost?

The cost of an accounting associate degree online depends on many factors including whether you will be enrolled in a public or private college, what type of program you enroll in and if you are attending school full-time or part-time. Accounting associate degrees can range from $0 to $40,000 per year. 

It is important to keep in mind that even with financial aid, educational costs add up quickly. To make matters worse most schools do not allow their students to transfer credits toward a bachelor’s degree; therefore it is very likely that you will be paying for both your bachelor’s and master’s simultaneously.

How Long Does it Take to Earn an Associate’s Degree?

In most cases, an associate’s degree takes two years of full-time study to complete. You can generally take one or two classes each semester. It’s up to you and your school, but some schools offer condensed options where you can attend for just a few months per year.

If you already have a high school diploma, you might be able to complete your associate’s degree in one year; however, as with regular programs, it is almost always best to space out classes over two years (to ensure that they count toward your degree). The National Center for Education Statistics suggests that associate’s degrees take anywhere from 1–3 years of part-time study or 2–4 years of full-time study.

What Classes Should I Take When I Start My Accounting Associate Degree?

After years of being bombarded with messages and advertisements, most people are familiar with what degree they need in order to obtain their dream job. However, before you apply for an associate’s degree program in accounting, it’s important to take some time to consider which classes will be beneficial towards reaching your educational and career goals. 

The best way to find out which classes are most suitable for you is by meeting with a guidance counselor or by checking out your program curriculum on your school’s website. Remember: Your associate’s degree is an investment of both time and money so make sure that you maximize these investments by choosing courses that align with what you want from your college experience and future career.

What is the Average Salary of a New Accountant with an Associates Degree?

While you can make your way up in a firm without any formal accounting degree or certification, if you want to be an accountant at an established firm, you will probably need an associates degree. 


In some cases you may be able to find work as a payroll clerk with just a high school diploma, but most jobs require that you have completed at least two years of college and received your associates degree. Earning an accounting associate’s degree online might allow you to save money by not paying for room and board. 

Accounting majors are well-prepared for many different careers including public accounting, bookkeeping and even cost control in manufacturing.

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